"Campaign Against Antisemitism" Demand BBC Caller Exposing Jewish Supremacy Be Identified and Arrested

By John Friend | therealistreport.com

Editor’s comment: This is an update on the story about the BBC caller who denounced Jewish rule over British society. Now the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” has urged the BBC to hand over details of caller to the police, so he can be identified and arrested.

Was his comment extreme and hateful? Listen to the call yourself:

The caller is correct about some of his assessments. He is however completely cucking out when it comes to the point of Europeans as the guilty oppressors. He goes on about the Indians in America while saying nothing about the tens of millions slaughtered in Russia under Jewish Bolshevism, the Communism’s Death Toll or the devastating effect of WWII on Europe. In fact, the caller seems to know nothing about accurate history or be able to put the second world war in context. He seem to believe 100% in the mainstream version of WWII and the holocaust myth. Well, maybe he just didn’t getting around to explain his position on these points.

Still, the caller makes a few valid points, a few sharp criticisms of how things are currently being run, but hardly something to be “hunted down” for and arrested …you would think. He is simply voicing his opinion about the establishment and the power and influence of the Rothschild’s. The suggestion that Jews (and in the extension the Israel lobby) hold special influence over the UK can easily be verified.

Britain has a become a place hostile to the native population, where those who simply voice their criticism and anger (albeit be it foulmouthed in some cases), will be persecuted like witches. Nothing can be said of those who come from outside to influence and transform the country, be they Muslim, Jew, Indian, Pakistani or something else. Why is that?

The article below is by John Friend:

Following a 13-minute call-in commentary to a BBC radio program in which a British man made a number of factual and easily verifiable observations about Jewish supremacy and power in the Western world, including Jewish control over international finance and banking systems, the organized Jewish community in the United Kingdom is demanding the BBC provide police with the caller’s information. The Times of Israel reports:

A BBC radio phone-in program in the early hours of December 22 allowed a caller to stay on air for almost 13 minutes in a rant that castigated Jews and their “rule” over British society, a watchdog group said.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism called the incident shocking “even for the BBC.”

As first reported by the UK Jewish News, “Andy from St. Margaret’s” started his attack on Radio London’s Simon Lederman radio program by stating that the world is “not free” and “they are trying to control us more and more and more. They want to put a chip up our backsides…the elites… A ring through our noses, and a vizor for our horizons… the Rothschilds… It’s about the Zionists.”

Andy referenced well-known anti-Semitic tropes, claiming that the Jews didn’t originate from Palestine but that most came from “an empire called Khazaria” in eastern Europe and that “the Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own the corporate America, the media, you’ll find if you just do a little bit of research, they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.”

“They control money, money,” he repeated. […]

Andy continued by complaining about an obsession with the Holocaust in mainstream media, and repeating the mantra that “we are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system. The Rothschilds control us.”

The full interview can be heard on the show’s BBC iPlayer site, starting at 03:07:28.

A BBC spokesperson defended the decision to allow the caller to go on speaking, saying that “the aim of the program is to discuss and debate issues raised by our listeners. This was a live phone in and the caller was challenged on his views throughout the conversation.” After the interview, the spokesperson added, “reaction from other listeners was also broadcast.”

Jonathan Sacerdoti, director of communication at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said the incident was shocking “even for the BBC…. The radio presenter simply allowed an ignorant racist to speak for nearly [a] quarter of an hour while offering no counter-argument, correction or condemnation of his views that Jews control money, banks, commerce and the media. We expect the BBC to now hand the caller’s telephone number to the police.”

The reaction from the organized Jewish community, led by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (White people need an organization devoted to combating anti-White slanders and stereotypes!), is so typical, no commentary is even required.

As regular readers and followers of The Realist Report are well aware, the Jews have a long history of suppressing and persecuting individuals and nations that refuse to go along with the Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation, commonly referred to as the New World Order.

Think about it: the Jews in the UK are openly demanding the BBC hand over this caller’s personal information to police so an investigation can be opened and the man can be prosecuted for “hate crimes,” simply by making a few basic observations publicly. This is totally unacceptable, and I hope the good people of the UK rally behind this courageous caller.

Telling the truth about Jewish supremacy and power in the West, among other important subjects, is a crime, according to Jews. Making basic, factual observations and criticisms of Jews, Jewish supremacy, and various Jewish-promoted and instigated agendas, such as cultural Marxism, wars in the Middle East, massive non-White immigration to the West, etc., is “evil” and “racist” and “anti-Semitic,” we’re led to believe. What utter nonsense!

If there is one thing the Jews hate the most, it is people standing up and refusing to accept their lies, their programming, and their tyrannical, anti-human agenda. And frankly, we do not have time to cower before the Jews anymore. These people have to be exposed and isolated – the future of our planet depends upon it.

Source: therealistreport.com

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