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Biden news – live: President launches Syria airstrike as McConnell says he would support Trump as 2024 nominee

Watch live as Biden marks the 50 millionth Covid vaccine in US In what may have been his first major war-fighting move as president, Joe Biden signed off on an airstrike in Syria that targeted a structure believed to belong to an Iran-backed militia, officials told Reuters. The strike may have been in response to rocket […]

Biden news – live: President approves airstrike in Syria as police fear plot to ‘blow up’ Capitol during SOTU

Watch live as Biden marks the 50 millionth Covid vaccine in US In what may have been his first major war-fighting move as president, Joe Biden signed off on an airstrike in Syria that targeted a structure believed to belong to an Iran-backed militia, officials told Reuters. The strike may have been in response to rocket […]

CPAC 2021 – live: Gold Trump statue unveiled as Republican summit branded ‘Woodstock for election liars’

Related video: Mitt Romney predicts Trump will win if he seeks Republican nomination in 2024 The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is underway in Orlando, Florida, with a gold statue of ousted president Donald Trump raising eyebrows ahead of his headline speech on Sunday, his first public engagement since leaving the White House for Mar-a-Lago […]

Rand Paul attacks Biden’s transgender health secretary over her support for gender reassignment surgery for minors

Senator Rand Paul, a Republican, has criticised one of President Joe Biden’s health nominees for her support of gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for minors. Dr Rachel Levine, the Pennsylvania secretary of health and Mr Biden’s pick for assistant secretary of health if confirmed by the Senate, faced a line of questioning from senators […]

Lady Gaga’s dogs stolen after her dogwalker is shot four times in chest, report says

A dogwalker of Lady Gaga was shot four times in the chest before two men stole two of the singer’s three French bulldogs, according to multiple reports. Los Angeles Police confirmed that a shooting occurred in West Hollywood shortly before 10 pm local time on Wednesday night, with the victim rushed to hospital in an […]

Pelosi visibly upset with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest transphobic stunt

Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew visibly upset at her weekly press conference on Thursday discussing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest publicity stunt to rile up liberals over rights for trans people. Ms Pelosi’s chamber is poised to pass legislation known as the Equality Act on Thursday that would explicitly protect LGBTQ people in the US from […]

Tucker Carlson condemned for bizarre comparison between George Floyd’s death, BLM and Capitol riot

The controversial Fox News anchor also claimed on Wednesday that the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police — which sparked Black Lives Matter protests last summer — was a “carefully concocted myth” by “Democratic partisans” to upend the country. And that “myth”, according to Mr Carlson, was the same method being used by Democrats […]

GOP senator rejects $15 minimum wage saying he once earned $6 an hour, or $23 with inflation

Republican Senator John Thune has rejected an effort from congressional Democrats to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15, pointing to his $6 or less hourly wages that he earned working at a restaurant as a “kid”. The senator from South Dakota – where the state-level minimum wage is set at […]

Biden news – live: Trump taxes finally handed to authorities as president overturns his ‘harmful’ visa ban

Watch live as Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing Donald Trump has given his tax returns to prosecutors in New York after the Supreme Court this week rejected the ousted president’s attempt to prevent them from being handed over. Just hours after the court ruling the district attorney’s office confirmed they now […]

GameStop suspended: Stock halted repeatedly after share surge

Shares in retailer GameStop surged again on Thursday, possibly heralding a further rally for stocks heavily-shorted by Wall Street, but favoured by amateur traders. Trading had to be halted shortly after the opening bell in New York, and several times after that, with shares trading up approximately 50 per cent. Investors had already pushed up […]

Trump’s secret tax returns finally handed over to Manhattan DA after two-year battle

Donald Trump’s tax records are now in the possession of New York prosecutors after a years-long battle by the former president to keep them secret. The District Attorney’s office obtained the records and a number of other documents, on Monday, only hours after the Supreme Court denied a move by Trump attorneys to keep them […]

CPAC 2021 – live: Trump expected to announce 2024 run and Liz Cheney denies ‘civil war’ as GOP summit opens

Related video: Mitt Romney predicts Trump will win if he seeks Republican nomination in 2024 The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) opens on Thursday in Orlando, Florida, with ousted president Donald Trump its headline speaker, appearing on Sunday in his first public engagement since leaving the White House for Mar-a-Lago a month ago. This year’s […]

Johnson & Johnson is safe, FDA says, as third US Covid vaccine passes major hurdle

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has endorsed the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine to receive emergency use authorisation, a critical step to bring a third Covid-19 jab to the United States. In a staff report released on Wednesday, the federal agency found the vaccine to be safe, effective, and able to completely prevent hospitalisations […]

Wheel of Fortune host accused of mocking contestant’s speech impediment

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been under fire this week online after he was accused of making a joke out of a contestant’s speech impediment in his latest show. The longtime host faced criticism online following an interaction with one contestant named Chris Brimble which occurred during Monday’s episode, reports said. During the […]

DISPATCH: Covering loss, even as it comes to your own door

Louise Delfino was tough as nails. She worked as a legal secretary at the same law firm for more than six decades until she was forced into retirement at 84 when she broke her leg at the office. She was my mother’s mom. Julie Eppolito was an incredible cook. We didn’t get to see her […]

Fake snow? Conspiracy theory claims Texas weather ‘government-generated’

The US is continuing its recovery after being hard hit by Winter Storm Uri last week, with heavy snowfall seen across much of the country and the state of Texas suffering power outages, rolling blackouts and damage to its water infrastructure as far south as Houston. At least 58 people died and a political furore […]

Man rescues 500 people on icy Texas roads amid historic freeze

Jill Ventimiglia didn’t have running water in her Austin home because of the punishing Arctic storm that battered Texas, so she and her dog headed to her parents’ house across town. All of a sudden, her car was stuck in thick ice on a slippery road. Her white Honda Fit wouldn’t budge, and as she […]

Amanda Seyfried is not taking this moment for granted

Amanda Seyfried has one big regret about “ Mank ” Yes, the David Fincher film about “Citizen Kane” screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz has earned her some of the best marks of her career and made her, for the first time, a top awards contender. Yes, her performance has helped reframe the narrative around silent movie […]

‘I screamed their names’: Mother describes losing three children in fire during Texas freeze

A mother has described how her three young children died after a fire set to keep them warm during Texas’ big freeze spread to the rest of the house. Jackie Nguyen said: “I was just standing there screaming and screaming and screaming their names hoping they would come out of their rooms and basically jump […]

‘Very unpresidential’: Pro-Trump Newsmax launches bizarre attack on Biden’s ‘junkyard’ dog

Pro-Trump news network Newsmax has launched a bizarre attack on Joe Biden’s dog Champ. During his show on Friday, host Greg Kelly and Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley condemned the 12-year-old Champ as “dirty” and “unlike a presidential dog”. Speaking about Champ, who lives at the White House with fellow German Shepherd Major, Mr Kelly […]

Damages from winter storm in Texas ‘could approach $50 billion’

The cost of the devastating winter storm in Texas could end up costing the region close to $50 billion to recover from, it has been estimated. The extortionate figure would cover the cost of lost wages, repairing damages to businesses and people’s homes, as well as the cleanup cost in and around the state, according […]

NYC shutting Central Park ice rinks run by Trump Organisation early

New York City is forcing two Central Park ice rinks managed by the Trump Organisation to shut on Sunday – a month before the contracts are set to expire, axing hundreds of jobs. The Trump Organisation’s contracts were terminated in January along with all of their agreements with New York City, after Donald Trump faced his […]

Texas weather updates – live: Latest updates as millions without clean water or reliable power

Cruz responds to criticism following trip to Cancun Ted Cruz has attempted to defend his decision to fly to Cancun, Mexico amid a deadly winter storm that left hundreds of thousands of people in his home state of Texas without steady electricity, heat or running water, as he returned home to jeering crowds. The US […]

Two Florida women caught dressing as seniors to receive priority Covid vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine is so coveted that two women in Florida went to extremes Wednesday to get inoculated: They dressed as if they were elderly, health officials said. The women, both younger than 45, wore bonnets, gloves and glasses to disguise themselves as older than 65, the age cut-off to be prioritised to get the […]

Chimpanzee and monkeys die in Texas after sanctuary loses power during Winter Storm Uri

The storm, which has caused temperatures to nosedive as far south as San Antonio, Texas, has caused power outages across southern US states as the power grids are struggling to cope with the increased demand. Brooke Chavez, the executive director of the Primarily Primates sanctuary, told the San Antonio Express-News on Tuesday that the facility […]

Texas accused of moving freezing residents in order to stage cheerleading competition

A cheerleading competition in Texas has been reportedly scheduled to take place over the weekend in a convention centre, prompting outrage among residents as it might end up displacing the people who have taken shelter in the venue to escape the winter storm. The cheerleading competition, which is named “Spirit Celebration” and is hosted by […]

Huge fire breaks out in Texas apartment building as fighters unable to get water from frozen hydrants

Firefighters in San Antonio struggled to control a fire in an apartment building as hydrants froze following a historic winter storm that led to sub-zero temperatures and power failure in Texas. A fire broke at around 1 pm at a complex in Bexar county, local media reports stated, however, no deaths or injuries were reported. […]

Surreal photos from Texas’ sub-zero weather: A frozen fish tank and icicles on a ceiling fan

A winter storm brought record breaking temperatures to Texas this week, with Sunday seeing thermometers drop to lows of 0F (-18C). As many as three million Texans were still without power or heating on Wednesday, due to the continued surge in demand — and ongoing power outages. Temperatures have not been so low in Texas […]

Obama’s oldest daughter Malia working on TV show alongside Donald Glover

The 22-year-old has been recruited to be the part of the writers room for a series on Amazon’s Prime Video. The American actor’s deal with Amazon includes several projects and one potential series among them could be “Hive”, a programme revolving around a personality like Beyoncé, reported The Hollywood Reporter. The news report said that […]

‘Vaccinegate’: Outrage in Peru after 500 top officials secure early Covid vaccines

Prosecutors in Peru have opened an investigation after nearly 500 officials took advantage of their positions to secretly receive early doses of China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine. The country’s interim president, Francisco Sagasti, said the names of 487 officials, which include the former ministers of foreign affairs and health, are being turned over to prosecutors looking […]

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