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The Sacred Geometry of Tarot

October 22nd, 2020 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World The Tarot Cards are a means to comprehend subtle energy. The Tarot is often used to perform divination, essentially intuitive understanding of specific subtle energies. The Tarot reveals the story of energetic development of an individual and the situational through the understanding of subtle […]

5 Wellness Benefits from Decluttering Your Home – But a Little Bit of Mess is a Good Thing

September 10th, 2020 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Do you sometimes (or often!) stop, look around your home, sigh and promise yourself that you must clear up the clutter? You’re certainly not alone in having too much ‘stuff’, too poorly organized in your home. Research has found that Americans on average […]

Springfield Says “No” To Biomass Power Plant

Springfield Says “No” To Biomass Power Plant By Peter Goonan, Mass Live. September 5, 2020 Springfield, MA – More than 75 people gathered on the steps of City Hall on Thursday calling for an end to a long-proposed biomass project in East Springfield, saying it is a threat to public health and an environmental hazard. […]

Tap Into Your Key Energy Code to Help You Weather Life’s Storms: Find the Universal Intelligence Within – FREE Online Event

Have you noticed that you’re having more self-defeating thoughts –– especially in these turbulent times, when so much feels out of control? The truth is, these thoughts aren’t based in reality at all — they’re not taking into account how the Universe really works. The power of the Universe is here to support you. And you have […]

Here Are 7 Reasons To Try a Cleanse

August 25th, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Do you often get tired or feel like you have “brain fog”? Do you have skin blemishes you can’t seem to get rid of? Or maybe you just feel bloated or constipated now and then? When you eat sugar, gluten, meat, dairy, and […]

Israel Cuts Fuel, Gaza Goes Dark

Above photo: Flame and smoke rise as a result of an Israeli airstrike in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on 16 August. By Ashraf Amara for APA Images. The Gaza Strip’s only power plant shut down on Tuesday after Israel stopped the transfer of fuel to the territory. The halting of fuel transfers is among a […]

EXHAUSTED! How To Regain, Restore and Replenish The “Endless Energy” You Thought Had Been Lost Forever – FREE Docuseries

When was the last time you felt as though you had boundless energy? When was the last time you sprang out of bed full of zest, instead of dragging yourself up reluctantly, still feeling worn out and tired? Most people feel tired, much of the time – but why? If only you could optimize your […]

The World is Your Canvas

August 4th, 2020 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World The world but is an empty canvas for the mind to cast into form. Life itself is a canvas waiting for you to create your own masterpiece. Since all thought is creative energy, you have an extraordinary opportunity to create a world for […]

Obama, Romney Clash Over Who’d Drill More Oil, Burn More Coal

Oh yeah, and neither acknowledge the existence of climate change.

Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty Resigns, Done In By Clean Energy

The Best of Green leader was essentially done in by his green energy policies and NIMBY voters: a cautionary tale

Texas Tar Sands Protests Continue: 50 Join a Tree Blockade, Press Gets Boxed Out

The Tar Sands Blockade gains momentum. Daryl Hannah gets arrested, 50 protesters form a blockade, and the police haul off journalists.

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