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European rabbis fume after Tunisian president blames country’s unrest on ‘THIEVING JEWS’

    The Conference of European Rabbis (CER) has expressed “deep concern” for Tunisia’s Jewish community and condemned inflammatory remarks by the country’s president who casually blamed the ongoing unrest on “thieving Jews.” “We consider that the Tunisian government is the guarantor of the security of Tunisian Jews,” CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said, as […]

Powerful Jewish lobby demands Gab to be Outlawed and its CEO to be Arrested for Terrorism

    First the poor Twitter and Facebook guys moved to Parler but someone hacked Parler, who knows who hacked it but it definitely wasn’t the right-wingers hacking their own website, for sure it was liberals or Antifas… then they banned Parler from Amazon. Now the poor guys moved to Gab and now they want […]

Leading Human Rights group calls Israel a ‘Jewish Supremacist Apartheid state who Oppresses Palestinians’

    One cannot live a single day in Israel-Palestine without the sense that this place is constantly being engineered to privilege one people, and one people only: the Jewish people. Yet half of those living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are Palestinian. The chasm between these lived realities fills the air, […]

Palestinians Fear Israelis Promoting COVID Vaccine As Covert Means To Sterilize Them

Despite the heavy promotion of the COVID vaccination in the Israeli media, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem have all but ignored it — convinced that the vaccines will be used as part of the decades-long, ongoing effort to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem — and all of eretz Israel — of its Palestinian population: The least crowded […]

Israeli Lobby Calls for Trump to be Immediately Removed from Office

    The Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Israeli lobbying organization, is demanding that Donald Trump be immediately removed from office over the Capitol Hill riots. Why this foreign nation plays such a prominent role in American politics is anyone’s guess. Haaretz: The Anti-Defamation League has called for U.S. President Donald Trump’s removal from office on […]

ADL Makes It Official: ‘Hitler Wasn’t Right About Anything’

    The self-appointed Hall Monitors Of America™ — the notorious Anti-Defamation League — has taken predictable exception to comments made by Mary Miller, a newly-elected Republican representative from Illinois, who told a crowd of Trump supporters recently that “Hitler was right on one thing”: Miller was speaking Tuesday in Washington, D.C., to a crowd […]

Trump just pardoned Jewish ‘King Of Medicare Fraud’ and Nobody Even Noticed

    President Trump on Wednesday pardoned a host of fraudsters who donated to the Aleph Institute — an organization that was started by the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement which counts the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a member. Though Trump has yet to find the time to pardon Julian Assange who is slowly dying […]

New Shakespeare Anthology For Children Omits ‘Merchant Of Venice’ For Fear Of ‘Offending’ the Tribe

    Renowned children’s author and playwright Sir Michael Morpurgo will omit The Merchant of Venice from the children’s book based on Shakespeare’s plays he is working on because he doesn’t want to “offend” Jews: Sir Michael, 77, is modernising Shakespeare plays for children and teenagers in a book titled Tales from Shakespeare, designed to […]

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

    With the vaccine not providing immediate immunity to the coronavirus, over two hundred Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, local media reported. The number of those who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated was at around 240 people, according to data from Channel 13 News. The […]

After Making Millions Off Author Roald Dahl, His Own Family Throws Him Under The Bus

Home » Criticism, Europe, Immorality » After Making Millions Off Author Roald Dahl, His Own Family Throws Him Under The Bus     Jews in Hollywood and publishing have made — and continue to make — billions of dollars off the beloved works of British children’s author, Roald Dahl, yet they are now taking a […]

Up To 75% Of Israelis Refusing To Get Vaccinated In Coming COVID Vaccine

    Despite the relentless COVID propaganda in the Israeli press — including Prime Minister Netanyahu allegedly agreeing to be the first in Israel to be vaccinated — the vast majority of Jews in Israel do not plan to get the COVID vaccine when it becomes available to the public in late December: Israelis who […]

Scottish MP Re-Educated, Rehabilitated, Kosher-Certified To Again Hold Public Office

    Much to the chagrin of some “never forgive, never forget” Jewish watchdog groups, Neale Hanvey, a Scottish member of the British Parliament who served a suspension for antisemitism, has recently been reinstated by his party after going through an extensive philo-semitic “re-education” program — and cleared to be elected to serve on his […]

Jews ‘Alarmed’ over Amazon’s Alexa saying some Uncomfortable Truths about Them

    Despite the fact that Amazon’s AI Alexa robot has been shown to promote the agenda of the Radical Left, otherwise Liberal Jews are now up in arms that this otherwise compliant and politically-correct “useful idiot” has a firm grasp of the obvious — that Jews do indeed control the world financial markets and […]

Netanyahu faces Criticism after saying: ‘Women and Children are Animals with Rights’

    Benjamin Netanyahu has subjected himself to a political thrashing after the Israeli prime minister issued a gaffe-riddled speech during an event raising awareness about violence against women. The Israeli leader spoke at a ceremony marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, but his remarks have been interpreted as less-than-sympathetic […]

Turns Out the Germans did Not burn the Lublin Library in Poland During WW2 After All

Home » Europe, History, Manipulation » Turns Out the Germans did Not burn the Lublin Library in Poland During WW2 After All     Despite the fact that Jewish ‘scholars’ themselves have thoroughly discredited the long-held “historical fact” that “Nazis” burned the entire yeshiva Library in Lublin, Poland, in 1939, many Jewish “historians” still insist […]

Israeli Press Explains Why There Are So Many ‘Jews Behind The Coronavirus Vaccine’

Home » Health, Middle East, Zionism » Israeli Press Explains Why There Are So Many ‘Jews Behind The Coronavirus Vaccine’     Jewry is obviously concerned that every time a new COVID vaccine is mentioned in their news outlets there seems to be a Jew ‘behind it’ and promoting it — so to pre-emptively stave […]

Despite Everything Trump Did for Israel, 79% of Jews voted AGAINST Him in 2020

    So despite everything Trump did for the Jews, despite all the groveling and boot licking, despite bringing a Jew in the White House, Jared Kushner who pulled the shots, Jews still do not support Donald Trump because they believe in their sick heads that he is pro-White and therefore a threat to their […]

‘Sexual Predator, Blackmailer and Hit Man’ Wins Kansas House Election Unopposed, Women’s Groups Silent

    Aaron Coleman, a 20-year-old Jewish community college student who drew only cursory scrutiny from the Jewish-dominated media for allegations of harassment and revenge porn dating back to his middle school years, won an unopposed election for a seat in the Kansas state House: Aaron Coleman, a Democrat, will represent the 37th District, which […]

Ruling Class Fear that Britons Are ‘Misusing’ Google to ‘Learn About Conspiracies’

Home » Europe, Manipulation, Social » Ruling Class Fear that Britons Are ‘Misusing’ Google to ‘Learn About Conspiracies’     A self-serving report by the jewish New York Times writer Seth Stephens-Davidowitz claims that about 170,000 Google searches with “antisemitic content” are made every year in the UK – around ten percent of which involve […]

After Banning Everyone on YouTube and Facebook, Jewish Groups now Demand BitChute Shut Down

    At the behest of powerful Jewish interests, this week Google Play banned the third-party app BitChute — a “free speech” alternative to heavily censored YouTube — because it has become a safe haven for people and groups who openly oppose Jewish supremacy and draconian Soviet-style censorship: [The Tel Aviv-based] Google suspended the app, […]

Disney To Roll Out Jewish Superhero Who ‘Tracks Down And Punishes Antisemites’

    The forthcoming TV adaptation of “Moon Knight,” a Marvel comic series about a rabbi’s son who leaves religion for a life of vigilante justice, could star Oscar Issac, a confused actor who denies he’s Jewish even though he admits he has Jewish ancestry: Oscar Isaac is in talks to play Marc Spector in […]

As Heads Roll In Streets Of France, Elites Finally Greenlight Crackdown On Muslim Terrorists

    For years, Jews in France have heavily promoted diversity and the mass immigration of Muslims into France in order to undermine and destroy its White Christian identity, but now that their Muslim ‘golems‘ are beginning to literally behead French people in the streets, the notoriously cowardly Jews are now encouraging the French government […]

A Mutual Understanding

October 28, 2020 by Nicholas Molodyko for The Saker Blog They need to understand that we know. We need to understand that they are human. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at Harvard University, 1978 © YouTube Cancer Ward From my youth I had a strong connection to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, but I did not know precisely why. His name […]

VOCI – Jewish and Afrikaner Treachery Against the Boer People

VOCI – Jewish and Afrikaner Treachery Against the Boer PeopleVOICE OF CHRISTIAN ISRAEL Share this: 00 Hits: 7

UK Court backs housing charity’s ‘Jewish only’ rule, aren’t all equal in Britain?

Home » Europe, Injustice, Social » UK Court backs housing charity’s ‘Jewish only’ rule, aren’t all equal in Britain?     A small legal challenge has turned into a precedent-setting case about whether someone in today’s Britain can be prioritised or denied housing on the basis of their religion. The law isn’t always right and […]

VOCI – American and Boer Persecution by the Jews

VOCI – American and Boer Persecution by the JewsVOICE OF CHRISTIAN ISRAEL Pastors Martens and James explain how the Jewish-led merchants and slave traders persecuted the European, American and Boer Christians. Share this: 00 Hits: 0

Facebook Cheka Engages into Mass Censorship of People who Criticize The Hidden

    Mark Zuckerberg, the Jewish CEO of Facebook, as done an about-face on his former policy which allowed for a healthy debate over the historical accuracy of the so-called “Holocaust” — and will now be completely censoring anyone who questions any aspect of it — suggesting that by doing so he will be saving […]

As economy is collapsing due to Coronavirus, Germany to give $664 Million to Holocaust Survivors

Home » Economy, Europe, Manipulation, Theft » As economy is collapsing due to Coronavirus, Germany to give $664 Million to Holocaust Survivors     The German government on Wednesday agreed to pay $664 million in aid to victims of the Holocaust as they deal with the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Claims Conference, […]

Israel Honors Polish Couple Who Saved Roman Polanski from Holocaust

    Israel is set to honor the Polish couple who allegedly rescued Jewish film director and child rapist Roman Polanski from the Holocaust: A grandson of Stefania and Jan Buchała will accept the medal naming them posthumously as Righteous Among the Nations, a title that Israel confers on non-Jews who risked their lives to […]

Jewish Harvard Professor: No Proof Holocaust Education Programs Reduce Antisemitism

    Ruth Wisse, a professor of Yiddish at Harvard — that bastion of Jewish learning — has written an essay for the philo-semitic journal National Affairs on the perils of liberal Holocaust education programs which universalize Jewish suffering — thus trivializing it by removing that suffering from its larger historical context — which undermines […]

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