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Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Bill Allowing Fathers to Block Abortions

Tennessee lawmakers introduced a bill on Friday that would allow the father of an unborn child to block a woman from aborting the couple’s child. State Sen. Mark Pody (R) introduced SBO494 in the Senate and Rep. Jerry Sexton (R) presented a companion measure, HB1079, in the Tennessee House. The new law would allow “a person to […]

Even Rino Romney Admits ‘Trump Would Win in 2024’

RINO Senator Mitt Romney has admitted that Donald Trump would win the 2024 GOP nomination in a landslide if he decided to run again. The anti-Trump Utah senator also admitted that Trump is likely to dominate the Republican Party in the foreseeable future. “He has by far the largest voice and a big impact in […]

Biden Caught Illegally Detaining Migrant Children – Media SILENT

The mainstream media is being silent as the Biden administration detains unaccompanied migrant children longer than legally allowed, the head of the Border Patrol union claims. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd revealed that as of Monday, Border Patrol officials held more than 800 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) in custody. Despite the legal requirement […]

Democrats Go Full Facist: ‘Cable Companies Must BLOCK, BAN & CENSOR Fox News’

House Democrats have gone full-blown facist by pressuring cable companies, Big Tech, and streaming platforms to block conservative news networks, including Fox News. On Monday, two Democratic lawmakers sent letters to a dozen television broadcasters demanding that they block, ban, and censor Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network (OANN). Federal Communications Commission (FCC) […]

UK Government Still Considering Vaccine Passports To Enter Pubs, Restaurants & Other Venues

Pubs could soon be off-limits to anyone who hasn’t had a Covid vaccine. Coronavirus vaccine passports to enter pubs, restaurants and other venues are still under consideration in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that one of four official investigations will look at whether to introduce ‘Covid status certification’, despite Downing Street insisting for […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Says She’ll Renounce UK & French Citizenship In Exchange For Bail

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell has filed a third application for bail. This time she is offering to renounce her British and & French citizenship so that she cannot seek refuge in either country. in a filing published by the Courthouse News website, her lawyers wrote: Maxwel “will renounce her French and British citizenship […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Tells New Yorkers To Wear Two Masks At Least Until June

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging New Yorkers to wear two masks at least until June. in a Tuesday morning press conference De Blasio said that residents should add a second mask to their personal protective equipment arsenal. He said: “Through June, keep doing exactly what you are doing…not just wear a mask, […]

Israel: COVID-19 Night Curfew on Purim

Browse > Home / News / Israel: COVID-19 Night Curfew on Purim February 24, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article The Israeli government convened on Tuesday night and approved the Health Ministry’s outline for Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions during the Purim holiday, celebrated from Thursday evening until Sunday, chiefly an overnight curfew. […]

Israeli doctor’s license revoked for promoting fake info on covid-19 vaccines

Browse > Home / News / Israeli doctor’s license revoked for promoting fake info on covid-19 vaccines February 24, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Dr Aryeh Avni lost his license to practice medicine in Israel after he was found to be promoting fake information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines and […]

Gandel Philanthropy and Victorian Government fund Holocaust education for educators

Browse > Home / News / Gandel Philanthropy and Victorian Government fund Holocaust education for educators February 24, 2021 by J-Wire News Service Read on for article More Victorian government secondary schools will get the support they need to strengthen their teaching about the Holocaust and help stamp out anti-Semitism, thanks to an expanded partnership […]

In new memoir, Amos Oz’s daughter alleges lifetime of abuse by ‘sadistic’ father

Browse > Home / News / In new memoir, Amos Oz’s daughter alleges lifetime of abuse by ‘sadistic’ father February 24, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Israeli author Galia Oz, daughter of world-renowned literary icon Amos Oz, alleged in interviews on Sunday that her “sadistic” father “serially abused” her physically and emotionally, until […]

Israeli Cabinet approves proposal to recognize, compensate for Yemenite ‘children affair’

Browse > Home / News / Israeli Cabinet approves proposal to recognize, compensate for Yemenite ‘children affair’ February 24, 2021 by JNS Read on for article The Israeli Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal to recognize the “Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan children affair” and provide financial compensation to the affected families, the Prime Minister’s Office […]

The Nursing Home Death Warrants Were Signed By Panicked Governors Using Gates-Funded Forecasting

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Health Officials Push Pregnant Women to Get COVID Shots Despite Known Risks

The Most Revolutionary Act With no data showing COVID vaccines are safe for pregnant women, and despite reports of miscarriages among women who have received the experimental Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, Fauci and other health officials advise pregnant women to get the vaccine. In December, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Emergency Use […]

Can People Who Get The Covid-19 Vaccines Still Get the Disease and Transmit the Infection? (Answers from the Mainstream Scientists) Dr. John Reizer Forget for a moment that the sars-cov-2 virus has never been isolated or been proven to exist by scientific methodologies. Forget for a moment that without a real viral isolate of sars-cov-2, a lab diagnostic test to detect the virus in human beings cannot be manufactured. Forget for a moment that […]

Report: Georgia Mother of Two Dead After Receiving Covid Vaccine

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Facebook to lift ban on Australia’s news after standoff as Canberra agrees to amend law forcing Big Tech to pay media

Nwo Report Source:RT Facebook has vowed to revive thousands of Australian news pages after the government said it would amend its new media code, which requires web platforms to pay for news content, following a weeklong standoff. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said Facebook had promised“to restore Australian news pages in the coming days”in a statement on […]

The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science, by Jenin Younes

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC In the history of humanity no virus has ever been eliminated, and no virus will ever be eliminated. ZeroCovid is cover for perpetual medical totalitarianism. From Jenin Younes at This past year has given rise to some strange and novel methods of disease containment, including lockdowns and mask mandates. It is […]

Greek City Blocks 5G Pilot Program Due To Risk Of Infertility

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It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine, by Dr. David Martin

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC As it is traditionally understood, the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are not vaccines, they’re gene therapies. From Dr. David Martin at Dr. David Martin, founder and chairman of M-CAM Inc, challenges our presuppositions about the new mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. Quoting the pharmaceutical companies themselves, David suggests that these are not vaccines, […]

Protests By Outraged Refugees Close UNRWA Food Distribution Points in Gaza

[Gaza City – The Media Line] Dozens of Palestinian refugees protested outside the headquarters of the United Nations agency for refugees in the southern Gaza governorate of Khan Younis on Sunday, to express their rejection of the ongoing cuts to the agency’s services and of its recent decision to implement a unified food basket system […]

WATCH: Arab-Israeli Says SNL’s Vaccine Joke Is “Not So Funny”

Christian Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad released a video on February 21 stating that Michael Che’s joke about Israel’s vaccine distribution on the February 20 episode of “Saturday Night Live” was false and not particularly funny. Che had said during the “Weekend Update” segment, “Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. And I’m […]

Israel sends COVID-19 vaccines to Syria, Honduras, the Czech Republic, and Guatemala but denies responsibility to vaccinate its Palestinian subjects

The news broke this week that the Israeli government had secretly agreed to the transfer of a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria in exchange for a prisoner swap between Israeli and Syrian authorities.  Last week, an Israeli woman in her 20s was released from Syrian detention, where she had been […]

Biden team forgets ‘history:’ Israel and its lobby dissed Obama in ‘borderline offensive’ racial terms–Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes, the former foreign policy aide to President Obama, spoke to Peter Beinart on February 10 about the Israel/Palestine issue in the Obama administration and made some stunning assertions: –Israel and its lobby routinely forced Obama to go over “hurdles” because he was black and they felt he identified with Palestinians. The treatment was […]

Strong majority of foreign policy experts say Israel/Palestine is ‘akin to apartheid’

Last week Shibley Telhami and Marc Lynch released a survey of nearly 1300 Middle East scholars that found that by large majorities they regard the reality in Israel/Palestine as “akin to apartheid” and think the two-state solution is dead. Perhaps the starkest finding of the survey is the collective assessment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A […]

Sheriffs Given Powers to Arrest Feds Who Violate Citizens’ Second Amendment Rights

Sheriffs in a Missouri county have been granted the powers to arrest federal agents who attempt to violate citizens’ Second Amendment rights. The Newton County Commission in Missouri passed an ordinance that criminalizes the enforcement of any federal law that infringes upon the Second Amendment right for individuals to keep and bear arms.  The “Second Amendment Preservation Act of Newton […]

Biden Cancels Trump Program That Targeted Child Sex Traffickers in the US Illegally

President Joe Biden has terminated a Trump program that targeted sexual offenders, including child sex traffickers, who are in the United States illegally. Trump’s program, dubbed “Operation Talon,” focused on deporting dangerous sexual predators preying on vulnerable Americans. But Biden decided to end the program, leaving Americans and their children once again open to attacks from pedophiles […]

NZ school alert: it’s alleged that an entire South Ak class of 8 YOs was swabbed with neither parental discussion nor consent

This surfaced today & I do not have all the details as yet, however it is a heads up to those parents who do not wish for their children to be swabbed. You may need to be proactive and assert your parental rights by making your wishes clearly known at your child’s school, and instruct […]

Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces COVID-19 Deaths by 64%

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Donald Trump Declares War on RINO ‘Swamp Creatures’: “I’m Screening ALL Midterm Candidates”

Former President Donald Trump will begin screening midterm candidates to ensure only MAGA-approved non-RINO’s win in 2022. According to Trump, he has received an avalanche of requests from prospective candidates who are eager to forward his “America First” policies. He has rejected meetings with former South Carolina governor and 2024 hopeful Nikki Haley and with […]

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