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John Legend Threatens To Leave US If Trump Is Reelected: ‘We Can’t Bear Another Four Years of This’

Pop star and liberal activist John Legend says he his wife Chrissy Teigen might “have to start thinking about going somewhere else” if President Trump wins re-election in November. “At some point, if that project to destroy democracy was to be in any way successful, you’d have to think about going somewhere that is a […]

It’s reported there’s been no consultation for an aerial 1080 poison operation over Mt Pirongia, contravening NZ’s Treaty of Waitangi Act

Facebook page Ecocide Awareness NZ reports on a 1080 aerial poison drop over Mt Pirongia. This is the second report around consultation (or not) by the authorities recently. EWR “The dirty deed is done. The poison contractors to NZ Dept of Conservation and Waikato Regional Council – Helia1 and EcoFX Ltd leave the scene of […]

Farmers begin protest in Punjab, Haryana in India over contentious farm bills

The Searchlight Sep 25, 2020, Economic Times As many as 31 farmer organisations, under aegis of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) have joined hands for the complete shutdown of Punjab. (AFP photo) Chandigarh: Farmers on Friday began their protest as part of the ‘Punjab Bandh’ call against the contentious farm bills that were recently passed […]

FDA Issues Recommendations for Certain High Risk Groups on Mercury-Containing Dental Amalgam

The Most Revolutionary Act FDA Statement For Immediate Release: Statement From: Director – CDRH Offices: Office of the Center Director Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren MD, JD Part of our role in protecting patients is to regularly evaluate, monitor and update scientific evidence on the risks from medical devices—including issues related to the materials used in […]

1986: The Act- Interview with Andrew Wakefield

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Report: UK Chief Scientific Adviser Owns £600,000 Worth Of Shares In Covid Vaccine Manufacturer

No surprises with this one… as always follow the glittering money trail… Nwo Report Government says there is no conflict of interest Source: Steve Watson | The UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of shares in a company that has been contracted to develop a coronavirus […]

“Are your globalist agendas failing because you’re using sub par crisis actors? Look no further” (satire)

If you search ‘crisis actor’ these days you’ll find serious debunking articles by the mile featuring that well worn term ‘conspiracy theory’. I tend to find that a fairly good indication there’s a bit of truth therein. You judge for yourself. In the meanwhile I always liked satire to get a point across. Thanks to […]

Over 1 Million Put On Lockdown AGAIN In Spain! Other Countries Mull New Restrictions!

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Pelosi Has Again Warned Biden To Avoid Debates Because ‘Trump & His Henchmen Are A Danger’

With the first presidential debate just days away, Nancy Pelosi has again warned that Joe Biden should avoid engaging with president Trump, arguing that he and “his henchmen are a danger.” Pelosi has previously suggested Biden should avoid any debates with the president and when asked on Friday’s CBS This Morning whether she still felt […]

Judge Lets Pedophiles Who Raped 12-Yr-Old Walk Free Because They’d Be ‘Eaten Alive’ In Prison

Two brothers who raped their 12-year-old sister have avoided jail time and were allowed to walk free after the judge said the two men “would’ve been eaten alive in the state prison system.” Amish brothers Aaron Schwartz, 22, and 18-year-old Petie Schwartz of Seymour, Missouri, pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree child molestation with […]

Democrat Rep. Attica Scott Arrested For Rioting After BLM Mob Try To Burn Down Library

Kentucky Democrat Rep. Attica Scott was arrested while protesting in Louisville on Thursday night and charged with first-degree rioting after the windows of a library were smashed and a flare was thrown into the building.  Rep. Scott, who proposed the ‘Breonna’s law’ legislation in Kentucky, was arrested and charged with the class D felony alongside […]

Charles Barkley and Shaq Defend Police Who Shot Breonna Taylor – Liberals Outraged

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have defended the police involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, arguing that they were simply “doing their job” and opened fire because Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on them first. Of course, liberals and Democrats are outraged with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal for speaking with common sense and decency. […]

Trump Says Biden Would Use SCOTUS To ‘Terminate the 2nd Amendment’

President Trump has warned that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden would use the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to “terminate the Second Amendment.“ During a Thursday night speech in Jacksonville, Florida, Trump also talked about the Democrats’ desire to “pack the Supreme Court”, pointing out that those packed into it would be “radicals” […]

bizarre recipients of Jacinda government hand-out money

Waikanae Watch The following lump sums of cash were paid out by Ardern’s government from the Arts Continuity Grant, a COVID-19 response fund which has already paid out $16 million in grants to a variety of short-term arts projects. 637 projectshave already received taxpayer fundingfrom this Grant. A selection of the most bizarre and frankly […]

Emmanuel Macron At United Nations General Assembly On Tuesday Tells Body That We Must Prepare For The ‘New World Order’ For Globalization

Wake Up To The Truth “The crisis, the collapse of our cooperation frameworks, the weaknesses that I have just mentioned require us to rebuild a new order and force Europe to take its full share of responsibility,” he stressed. Mr. Macron underscored that “in the weeks and months to come, fundamental choices will have to […]

Rand Paul Is Sending Hunter Biden Report To DOJ For Criminal Referral

During an interview on Fox News, Republican Senator Rand Paul announced that he would be requesting a criminal referral from the Department of Justice against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Paul said: “I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal. I think that is against the law, and probably a felony. […]

If Dems Controlled The Senate They Would Never ‘Ram Through’ SCOTUS Nominee Says Hillary Clinton

If Democrats controlled the US Senate, they wouldn’t be pushing through a Supreme Court nominee before the election, Hillary Clinton told the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg this week. Clinton was told that Republicans argue if the Democrats were in their position as the majority, they would be advancing a nominee. [embedded content] Breirbart reports: “Do you […]

The Dollar Vigilante Exposes the Depopulation Agenda

[embedded content] I am not clairvoyant. Nor am I a prophet. I don’t have a crystal ball. Max Igan, David Icke, Dan Dicks, Christian Westbrook, Doug Casey. And many others. For the past decade or longer, all of us have been predicting what’s happening today and what you can look forward to tomorrow. None of […]

7 Yr Old Told Dr’s She Wanted To Die After Being Hospitalized For Abuse & Sexual Assault

A seven year old girl told doctor’s that she wanted “to die” after being hospitalized for abuse and sexual assault. The child, identified only as “Yaz”, reportedly begged the doctors to let her die after suffering horrific injuries from ‘years of abuse at the hands of her parents and an uncle who raped her’ in […]

Connections Between CIA Child Trafficking, Ritual Abuse & MK-ULTRA Mind Control

125 Shares Child trafficking is run as a single, integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the […]

Trump Announces Executive Order To Protect ‘All Precious Babies’ Who Survive Abortion

President Donald Trump has announced he will sign a Born Alive Executive Order “to ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve.” Speaking at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Trump called this measure “our sacrosanct moral duty.” The executive order, once signed, will protect babies […]

Adam Schiff Urges ‘Republicans of Good Conscience’ In Trump Administration To Resign

Adam Schiff told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night now is the time for “Republicans of good conscience”, working in the Trump administration, to resign over President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. “If you have been debating about whether you can continue to serve the […]

Dems Target Criminal Vote As Bloomberg Pays Off 31,000 Felon’s Debts So They Can Vote

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has helped raise more than $16 million for felons in Florida to pay their debts so they can vote in the presidential election, as Democrats continue to target the criminal vote. Florida’s attorney general Ashley Moody has demanded state and federal law enforcement investigate possible election law violations after […]

As Zionists are purged in Israel, the next target is Switzerland Benjamin Fulford September 21, 2020  The autumn offensive begins.  The rogue nation of Israel was put under lockdown at the start of the Jewish New Year to facilitate a purge of Zionists, Pentagon sources say.   MI6 sources say their next target is a mysterious Swiss-based entity known as the Octagon Group.  In a counter-offensive, […]

Moderna Executives Caught Selling Millions In Stock As Covid Vaccine Trials Enter Phase 3

Moderna executives have been caught selling tens of millions of dollars worth of stock in their company as phase 3 trials for a potential coronavirus vaccine continue. “On a scale of one to 10, one being less concerned and 10 being the most concerned,” said Daniel Taylor, an associate professor of accounting at the Wharton […]

Super ZIONIST Cabal Member Trump Publicly Boasts and Brags About Political Assassinations

20 Sep, 2020 12:00Get short URL FILE PHOTO: Donald J. Trump and Jim Mattis during a meeting with members of his Cabinet, in the Cabinet Room of the White House March 8, 2018 in Washington, DC ©  Getty Images / Michael Reynolds-Pool Follow RT on By Rachel Marsden, columnist, political strategist and host of an independently produced French-language program […]

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued For Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity To Genocide In China

381 Shares This is the most significant and important lawsuit of the 21st century, and it impacts the entire world. CEO’s and Founders Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Sandar Pichai are also named as defendants along with their companies. CASE SUMMARY FACTS Endangering Humanity with the misuse of Artificial Intelligence, Complicity […]

Outrage As Over 120 People Meet For Stag Hunt Despite Coronavirus Restrictions

A large gathering of stag hunters have been blasted for breaching coronavirus restrictions after around 130 people met up this week. The group has been criticised for the flagrant disregard for coronavirus rules as they met up for the hunt, most of them without masks. Both the stag hunters and spectators were seen mingling and […]

Trump’s EPIC List of Achievements

563 Shares A Detailed List of Trumps many achievements during his short time in office. Never before in history has a leader done so much in only 3 1/2 years, When all is said and done this will be revered as the stuff of Legends. Trump Administration Accomplishments Almost 4 million jobs created since election. […]

Hydroxychloroquine and The Burden of Proof

Wake Up To The Truth DOWNLOAD THE REPORT The Economic Standard is proud to present our first white paper. We demonstrate through meticulously sourced analysis: 1) Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a safe, versatile medicine that hastreated hundreds of millions of people for many diseases over sevendecades. 2) Numerous controlled observational studies and meta-analyses have demonstrated that […]

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