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Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Ancient and Modern Spookians are Phoenician

An Introduction to Spookians Today, I will be reviewing what I consider to be the biggest development in conspiracy literature to date. I have already introduced readers to Miles Mathis, in particular, his gamechanging theory on the JFK assassination. Starting in July 2018, a German contributor to his website who goes by the name of […]

The Compassion Problem: Why Do Some Religious People Fail to Live Up to Religious Teachings?

February 19th, 2021 By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World The teachings of religious leaders such as Jesus and the Buddha set a high bar for human behavior that their followers have often struggled to meet. It’s not easy to love your enemy; it’s not easy to turn the other cheek when someone insults or injures […]

In The Grasslands of Jutland: The Art of Christen Dalsgaard

‘Constantin Hansen’s portrait of painter Christen Dalsgaard’ (1862) (Sorø Kunstmuseum) For the most part of his artistic career Christen Dalsgaard was a painter of altarpieces and Bible scenes albeit this thematic approach being arguably “fading away”, giving way to classicism and other more romantic subjects, during the 19th century. Fortunately in spite of his seemingly […]

The Cúchulainn Cycle

THE events of the Cúchulainn cycle are supposed to date from the beginning of the Christian era–King Conchobar’s death synchronising with the crucifixion. But though some personages who are mentioned in the Annals figure in the tales, on the whole they deal with persons who never existed. They belong to a world of romance and […]

The Mystics – Uncover Ecstatic Wisdom and Reclaim Your Own Connection to the Sacred: FREE 5-Day Online Event

What does it mean to be a mystic in our time? In this modern era brimming with technology, complexity, and noise, have we lost our connection to mystery and mysticism? With the chaos of our contemporary world, can we still access poetic states of bliss and the experience of the sublime? Mystics across time have written […]

Ungodly USA: Women Storm Church to Shout Profanities over their Right to Abort Babies

    Video out of Ohio shows a pro-abortion group barge into a church service to vandalize and shout profanities at worshipers. The video, taken at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral in Columbus, shows a group of about a dozen abortion advocates with signs storm the church and disrupting the service. Once inside, they knocked a […]

Segregation In The Bible Punishment, Preservation And Redemption Of Israel

    Here we present our transcription of Bertrand Comparet’s essay, God Commands Racial Segregation –which he originally presented at a time in America’s history when our schools — and all levels of society — were being forcefully racially integrated in the 1960s and 1970s– often at the end of a barrel of a gun. […]

Beyond Religion: Will Human Beings Ever Transcend the Need for Religions?

January 18th, 2021 By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World A few years ago, two young smartly-dressed Mormon gentlemen approached me outside my local library. ‘Excuse me sir,’ they said to me. ‘I was wondering if you ever read the Bible?’ I was with my baby son and he needed to get home for his lunch, […]

Taliban Assassinate 2 Afghan Female Supreme Court Judges While on their Way to Work

    Two Afghan women judges have been assassinated in the country’s capital in an attack that has been blamed on the Taliban. Gunmen shot dead the two unnamed judges, who worked for the Supreme Court, on Sunday in Kabul, where a new trend of targeted killings of high-profile figures have sown fear in the […]

Religion is not Rational

 Religion is not rational, yet attempts are made all the time to prove it is.             One example is the Templeton Study. The Templeton Foundation arranged for Christians to pray for 1800 heart patients and tracked the results. It conducted a double-blind study to see if patients who were prayed for, did better. In actual fact, the […]

The Methods of Witch Persecutions by “Loving” Christians

It is never possible to clear herself by withstanding and thus to wash away the aspersion of crime, as is the intention of the laws. It would be a disgrace to her examiners if when once arrested she should thus go free. 00 Hits: 0

Impact of Religion-Colonialism on Mental Health

 In the 17th century AD, a wave of depression struck Europe. It seemed to affect especially men of genius-John Bunyan, Thomas Gray, John Donne, and Samuel Johnson in England, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Charles Baudelaire in France, Leo Tolstoy in Russia, Max Weber in Germany and in America William James.One Dr George Cheyne lamented in 1733, “Frequency and […]

Decline of Christianity in West Not Due to ‘Liberalism vs. Conservatism’

    Augusto del Noce (1910-89) is among the least well known of the brilliant political philosophers of the twentieth century. …Del Noce developed a series of insights into the developing culture of the West beginning in the 1960s that still have not been broadly appropriated. Dr. Rourke examines how the West, at the same […]

Vatican says use of Covid-19 vaccines made from fetal tissue aborted in the 1960s is ethical

Home » Europe, Immorality, Religion » Vatican says use of Covid-19 vaccines made from fetal tissue aborted in the 1960s is ethical     The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) said in a statement released on Monday that it was ethical for Roman Catholics to use coronavirus vaccines that have used […]

Israel to unveil Herod’s palace, almost perfectly preserved for past 2000 years

    Israeli authorities will open King Herod’s palace-fortress in Herodium this Sunday, affording tourists the opportunity to peer back some 2,000 years and discover the lavish lifestyle of the tyrannical Roman-era leader. The already-popular tourist destination near Bethlehem has been undergoing excavation for the past 13 years, following the discovery of Herod’s grave. Archaeologists […]

Joshua Wong and the Exodus in China

December 06, 2020 By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog HONG KONG – British and American media in China for as long as we scribblers remember have empowered Chinese saboteurs and secessionists just so as to annoy Beijing. Without fail, if there ever was some corrupt princeling (local Chongqing tyrant Bo Xilai), a fugitive […]

Worldwide Government Restrictions on Religious Freedoms Highest in More Than a Decade

    The Washington D.C. based research centre has been analysing and tracking trends for over a decade. The data also included a rise from 2017 to 2018 in the number of governments using force in the form of detentions and physical abuse to coerce religious groups. As of 2018, 25 of the 56 countries […]

Soul of The Forest: The Symbolist Art of by Edgard Maxence

Edgard Maxence (1871-1954) According to official sources “symbolism” was a late nineteenth-century art movement that advocated the expression of an idea over the realistic description of the natural world through the use of metaphorical imagery. This movement made its expression through literature and poetry but also through other disciplines such as music, theatre, and of […]

CBC Journalist Brags About Ratting Out Worshippers at Church

    A CBC News journalist posted a video to Twitter bragging about how she ratted out worshippers who attended a church service in British Columbia in violation of COVID rules. “I counted more than 60 people inside this church in Chilliwack, a bold breach of PHO orders to suspend gatherings due to record high […]

How did the Ten Lost Tribes come to be lost?

November 30, 2020 by Rabbi Raymond Apple Read on for article Ask the rabbi… THE TEN LOST TRIBES Rabbi Raymond Apple Q. How did the Ten Lost Tribes come to be lost? A. They were not lost, only displaced. This was Assyrian policy – move conquered peoples from one part of the empire to another, […]

Supreme Court blocks New York’s restrictions on religion amid COVID-19

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked an order being enforced in New York limiting the attendance at places of worship in hard hit COVID-19 areas. In a 5-4 vote, the majority voted that the order was unconstitutional based upon religious freedom. The Supreme Court’s majority ruled that “even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put […]

Pope goes ‘woke’, supports BLM, Gay Rights, Social Justice and More in new Book

    Pope Francis is getting ever more political, with recent statements on same-sex relationships, social justice and BLM marches. Christians are entitled to be concerned about this constant pandering to the radical left. A new book by Pope Francis praises the BLM protests that took place over the death of George Floyd, and at […]

Archaeologist ‘discovers childhood home of Jesus’ in Nazareth

    A prominent British archaeologist has put forward a compelling case arguing that a well-preserved ancient house in Nazareth was the childhood home of Jesus. The building dates back to the first century and the site is now home to the Sisters of Nazareth Convent. In modern times, it was first identified as the […]

Ophiolatreia in Britain

Renegade Editor’s Note: Take this dated text with a grain of salt.From Ophiolatreia [1889] It will probably be a matter of surprise to many, but it is a fact that even in Britain in ancient times Ophiolatreia largely prevailed. Deane says: “Our British ancestors, under the tuition of the venerable Druids, were not only worshippers […]

Awakening Conscience: The Pre-Raphaelist Art of William Holman Hunt

A personal selection of works by founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood William Holman Hunt photogravure by Herbert Rose Barraud (late 1880s). In honour of truth I had in mind covering this artist for a long while but there were aspects about his art that prevented me from doing so, preferring to concentrate my attention […]

Pope Francis Loves Sexy Women in Bikini on Instagram

    There may soon be a social media manager opening at the Vatican after the Pope’s Instagram account was caught ‘liking’ a photo of a Brazilian bikini model in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. According to reports and alleged screenshots purporting to show the social media faux pas, none other than Pope Francis gave his […]

Golden Youth: The Pre-Raphaelite Visions of Thomas Cooper Gotch

Self-Portrait (c.1890) by Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854-1931) The artist I am bringing about this time is no other than Thomas Cooper Gotch a.k.a. T.C. Gotch (1854-1931) who became an international success during his lifetime as he travelled to many countries like Austria, Australia, South Africa, Italy and Denmark, places where he has work on display […]

‘Christian’ Russia says Muslim Azerbaijan is Free to Behead as Many Armenians as they Want outside of Armenia

    Moscow has promised to provide the “necessary assistance” to Armenia if ongoing fighting in the Azerbaijani breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region reaches the country’s territory, after Yerevan called on the Kremlin for help. Russia has signaled it is ready to get more involved in the conflict between Azerbaijan and the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh republic, backed by […]

America Has Traded God for Empire, Narcissism, Militarism, Usury, Sodomy

    It goes without saying that Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith is making his mark in the world for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ. His theological journey has finally taken him into the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church. Geographically, the journey he and his family have embarked upon has taken […]

Marianne Williamson Justifies Philadelphia Looting by Claiming Bible says Nothing Against Stealing

    Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson justified another night of riots and looting in Philadelphia by claiming that there’s nothing in the Bible which tells people not to steal. Yes, really. Numerous stores were trashed and looted while police officers were attacked again in response to the shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who […]

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