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My Most Admirable Friend, Ernst Zündel

By ROBERT FAURISSON The slanted French newspaper Le Monde announces the death of Ernst Zündel In its edition of Saturday, August 12, Le Monde published a long, two-column article by Thomas Wieder, a journalist whose devotion to the “Shoah” cult is well known. Entitled “Ernst Zündel, Holocaust denial publisher” and adorned with a photograph of the deceased, who died […]

McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency

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Billy Joel wears Star of David amid rising White-Nationalist activity

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Orthodox Jewish Resistance to Trump Grows — In Secret Social Media Groups

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Is Bannon Planning ‘War’ on The Jews?

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How They Do It–Courting Evangelical Right in the U.S., Israel to Host First ‘Christian Media Summit’

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Louis Farrakhan: “They’re Developing A Patsy For The Murder Of The President”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke earlier this year at “Saviour’s Day” about the assassination of President Donald Trump, and said that there was a development taking place to ensure there was a patsy for his murder. “Right now, they’re developing a patsy for the murder of the president,” he said. “These wicked people, […]

Spain ‘issues arrest warrant’ for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu has called an emergency meeting for Tuesday evening (AP) AP ‘We consider it to be a provocation. We are working with the Spanish authorities to get it cancelled’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current government officials are at risk of arrest if they set foot in Spain, after […]

Alt-Left Planning Anti-Trump Riots In Major Cities On November 4th

Alt-left agitators are planning to stage mass riots in major cities on November 4 during which they hope to instigate a “civil war” that will lead to the “regime change” of the Trump administration. Infowars| Demonstrations are planned for cities across the country, including New York City, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A […]

STRANGE Happenings During Solar Eclipse [Video]

What you doing yesterday during the solar eclipse? Did you find any strange anomalies? Check out what secureteam10 caught and see what you think…. Below, please find the Youtube channels that were mentioned in the video:  Kansas UFO:… Washington UFO:… Myunhauzen74:… Source Article from

Church, Govt Argue Child Sex Predators Innocent Because Children Consented

August 22, 2017 By Carey Wedler The Catholic Church and government agencies in the United Kingdom have developed a new argument to avoid paying out settlements to victims of pedophilia and sex abuse: they’re claiming the children consented. As the Telegraph noted over the weekend: Lawyers who represent some of the victims have told […]

5G “California-style” Needs To Be Defeated; Everyone’s Help Needed

By Catherine J. Frompovich Probably the most harmful of microwave technologies (millimeter waves—mm) are being proposed in front of homes and other buildings in the State of California and to be erected at the whim of cellular businesses and networks with no input from citizens as to placement or concerns about health issues. […]

The FBI Evidence Lab, a Cesspool

By Jon Rappoport In these pages, I’ve emphasized that mainstream news often fails to follow up on their own stories. They publish a shocking account of a scandal, and then they drop it like a hot potato. Why? There are several reasons, but the most important is: the scandal is too revealing. It […]

US Wages Cyberwar Abroad Under Cover of “Activism”

August 22, 2017 By Joseph Thomas The threat of cyberterrorism has competed for center stage in American politics with fears of “Russian hackers” disrupting everything from elections to electrical grids. And yet as US policymakers wield threats of cyberterrorism to promote a long and growing list of countermeasures and pretexts for expanding […]

CNN’s Don Lemon Accuses Trump of “Trying to Ignite a Civil War”

CNN’s Don Lemon Accuses Trump of “Trying to Ignite a Civil War” While alt-left attacked Trump supporters & threw rocks at police Paul Joseph WatsonPrison August 22, 2017 CNN host Don Lemon accused President Trump of “trying to ignite a civil war” even as alt-left protesters were rioting in the streets and attacking Trump […]

C4L President Norm Singleton on Afghanistan

C4L President Norm Singleton on Afghanistan By ns_admin for Liberty President Norman Singleton issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy. President Trump was elected by Americans tired of wasting blood and treasure in Afghanistan, a fact he acknowledged in his speech. Yet he is increasing our military presence in Afghanistan and promising […]

The Big Picture – Dr. Richard Wolff – The Economic Crisis Looming…

The Big Picture – Dr. Richard Wolff – The Economic Crisis Looming… By The Big Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown/Democracy At Work. Like thunder rumbling in the distance – the warning signs are growing. Are we heading towards another financial crisis? For more information on the […]

Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?

Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns? By Charles Hugh It turns out Nero wasn’t fiddling as Rome burned–he was 60 km away at the time. Did Nero Really Fiddle While Rome Burned? The story has become short-hand for making light of a catastrophe, either out of self-interest (one theory had Nero clearing a site […]

Trump’s Articles of Impeachment: A Greatest Hits Collection

Trumps Articles of Impeachment: A Greatest Hits Collection By By David Swanson, Several years back, I led a team of authors drafting articles of impeachment against then-President George W. Bush for then-Congressman Dennis Kucinich. We drafted over 60 and settled on the best 35. Had Congress moved forward, it would not have passed […]

Freedom For The Speech We Hate: The Legal Ins And Outs Of The Right To Protest

There was a time in this country, back when the British were running things, that if you spoke your mind and it ticked off the wrong people, you’d soon find yourself in jail for offending the king. Reacting to this injustice, when it was time to write the Constitution, America’s founders argued for a Bill […]

After Declaring Opioid Crisis A National Emergency, Trump Sends More Troops To Guard Afghan Poppies

With last Friday’s departure of his chief strategist Steve Bannon – one of the few members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle opposed to American “empire building” — many speculated it was only a matter of time before the Trump administration took an even more hawkish turn. Less than two days later, Secretary of Defense […]

Syria War Diary: What Life Is Like Under ‘Moderate’ Rebel Rule

SYRIA — (War Diary) — In early 2016 the hillside town of Madaya, just northwest of Damascus, was the focus of sudden Western and Gulf media campaigns featuring harrowing photos of emaciated elderly and children splashed widely across print, online and social media. Throughout 2016, these stories continued in Madaya, as well as in al-Waer, […]

Barcelona attack: Thousands of Muslims march against Isis chanting ‘Not in my name’

Twitter screenshot Members of the Muslim community in Barcelona have taken to the streets chanting “not in my name” following the devastating terror attack. At least 14 people were killed in the twin terror attacks, after a van was driven into the crowd on the busy street of Las Ramblas in central Barcelona and a car rammed into […]

Ron Paul: Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left

(Photo courtesy of Ron Paul) OPINION — Following the recent clashes between the alt-right and the group antifa, some libertarians have debated which group they should support. The answer is simple: neither. The alt-right and its leftist opponents are two sides of the same authoritarian coin. The alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity. The […]

VIDEO: Netanyahu To Meet Putin With The Head of Mossad

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Exposing the Forbidden High Tech Used in Ancient Egypt

Most people know of the great construction achievements of the dynastic Egyptians such as the pyramids and temples of the Giza Plateau area as well as the Sphinx. Many books and videos show depictions of vast work forces hewing blocks of stone in the hot desert sun and carefully setting them into place. However, some […]

Mother Blamed for Baby’s Vaccine Injuries – Baby Adopted Out as Parents Face Jail

In December 2013, in the State of Florida, Ms. Rebecca Wood gave birth to Javoni, a seven-pound baby boy with mild infant jaundice.  Doctors assured her that jaundice was relatively common in newborns and told her that he would recover from the condition in a few days. Although his health initially improved, his health deteriorated […]

Over 125 Victims Reveal Massive Child Molestation Conspiracy and Cover-Up Within USA Gymnastics

A massive case involving over a hundred women and girls is shining a light on the horrid sexual abuse and cover-up taking place within the USA Gymnastics program. For decades children were “sacrificed” and their abusers “protected,” according to one of the victims. Last week, former gymnast Rachael Denhollander called for a regime change within […]

Warning: Trump’s Phoenix rally has globalist fingerprints on it (enhanced)

Here are the latest additions to the alert entry… P.S. – It may be that our August 22 event will be of a domestic nature and happen in Phoenix. Drudge has been selling drama there. Will we see riots? The word “phoenix” is very significant to the globalists. Will the city that bears its name […]

ALERT: Sneak Attack and US Fiscal Crisis Watch in Effect Now through October 1 [+ Will the Phoenix burst into flames? & This event has globalist fingerprints on it (at bottom of top addendum)]

[Addendum – 22 August 2017] Before I found out about the US-North Korea wargames this week, I identified the second strike window as August 21 – 23 (it’s now extended to August 21 – 31). So is it “just a coincidence” that the Navy had its accident right as we entered that timeframe? I don’t […]

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