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Family Dumped “Defective Dog”, but His Will and Determination to Walk Again Made Him the Perfect Pet

Every now and then, we stumble upon incredible stories that inspire us to become better people. This one is about a dog named Zeus that was dumped by his owners because he was paralyzed, and a woman who was kind enough to take him under her wing and help him walk again. Zeus had degenerative […]

Unadoptable Pit Bull is About to be Put Down, but Group Steps In and Says “Give Us a Month”

For years, humans used Pit Bulls for illegal dog fights and it resulted in branding the breed as aggressive and not suitable to be around children. This story is of a Pit Bull named Diesel who became aggressive because of the way his ex-owner treated him. According to that cruel’s man girlfriend, Diesel would often […]

Cruel man kicking and abused puppy in air during walk in park

UK man, who was seen kicking a dog and yanking it into the air in a video which was posted on YouTube, has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison. The footage was uploaded to YouTube and a Facebook campaign to track down the hooded man was organised. Twenty-four-year-old Arthur Kent, of Welling, London was […]

Puppy who suffered horrific chemical burns and had his ears amputated by thugs Finally finds new family with young girl

Chloe Levenson, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was badly burned when she was a baby, and that has affected on her in a bad way. She is now 14 and has adopted a burn survivor dog called Fireman. This puppy who suffered horrific chemical burns and and had his ears amputated by […]

Police officer shoots pit bull and kill him even though family dog was not attacking him, Owner Plans To Sue

When you are a cop that means you have to protect souls from harm. That also includes animals or at least pets. But unfortunately, every rule has an exception. The cops did violent acts against a poor creature in Bronx, New York, but sadly the creature did not deserve it. The police officers had been […]

Shocking video of a dog his both knees are broken but he still was chained by thugs, What A Suffering Life

It is really shocking! How can anyone do that?! What do you do if you see pet owners do not care for their pets?! That what happened with this poor dog, when it was left outside the home with chain under a tree. His both knees were also completely broken, he is hurt to move […]

Family Dog Has Been Dumped, Then Euthanized After Being Labeled An Unadoptable

Enfield police have received a call about a German Shepherd, who was in need as he was in the hot sun in a metal crate. The poor dog has now been put down because he was deemed “unadoptable”. The German Shepherd’s owners had dumped him on a deserted embankment. This had emotionally scarred the dog […]

The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, and It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.

(CJ Opinion) — During the George W Bush administration it was popular in conspiracy circles to speculate that events might be orchestrated which would allow the Bush family to complete a coup against the US Constitution and hold on to power indefinitely. Such paranoia and suspicion of government power in the wake of the extraordinary post-9/11 advancements […]

Indigenous Group Wins Lawsuit to Protect Amazonian Land From Oil Companies

(TT) — This week, a Peruvian indigenous group won a lengthy court battle to save their land from oil exploration. The land is located in the Amazon, along the border between Peru and Brazil. There have been plans to turn the land into an oil field, until the scheme was blocked in court by a […]

Billions of Locusts Pose an “Unprecedented Threat” to Africa, UN Warns

(TMU) — Desert locusts are invading and feasting on crops across Africa, and those affected are calling for international help, a new report states. The outbreak of desert locusts is reportedly the worst that Kenya has seen in 70 years, according to the Associated Press. The insects have been flooding the country from Ethiopia and […]

Bill Gates’ Wuhan China’s Coronavirus An Optogenetics Bio Weapon Experiment?

“Optogenetics (from Greek optikós, meaning ‘seen, visible’) most commonly refers to a biological technique that involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion channels.” (read more) Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 1/24/2019 “WUHAN, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) — The branches of Chinese major telecom […]

FINLAND: White European Male Hating, Pro LGBT, Pro Migration Woman Brutally Murdered By Her Asylum Seeking Arab Boyfriend

MTV UUTISET, 1/23/2020 A man who has received a negative asylum decision is believed to have killed his former girlfriend in Hämeenlinna, according to MTV News sources. According to MTV News, a man suspected of murder in Hämeenlinna earlier this week has murdered his ex-girlfriend and has subsequently committed suicide. Read also: Police investigate suspected […]

The Lucid Truth #8: Psychedelic Philosophy

I am a freedom loving metaphysician who researches consciousness, alternate dimensions and entheogens. I am a passionate, sovereign individual who is excited to share his work with you! Source Article from Hits: 7

Interior minister claims officials already prepping West Bank annexation

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said Monday that officials were beginning the administrative work required to implement an expected Israeli annexation of an unspecified part of the West Bank. “As interior minister, I’m telling you that on the municipal side, we’re already starting to prepare the administrative work. There are many challenges that must be dealt […]

UK’s Duchess of Cambridge photographs Holocaust survivors for remembrance day

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge has honored two Holocaust survivors she photographed for a project marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day as among the most “life-affirming people I’ve ever met.” The future Queen is among more than a dozen photographers taking part in a UK Jewish News-initiated project that will lead to an exhibition of 75 powerful […]

State is failing to collect natural gas profits for public good, MK charges

A 2014 Knesset law mandating the creation of a sovereign wealth fund aimed at ensuring that Israeli citizens benefit from the country’s natural gas bonanza, as well as private investors, has not yet been implemented. Not only is there no fund; not a single person has been taken on to set it up or run […]

Controversy-hit Genesis Prize distances itself from prime minister

The Genesis Prize Foundation announced Monday that the Prime Minister’s Office would no longer be involved with the prestigious prize, in an attempt to distance the award from perceptions that it is political in nature. Two years ago, Israel-born actress Natalie Portman, refused to come to Jerusalem and receive the honor because it was to […]

NBA star Bryant’s helicopter flew in fog that grounded other choppers

CALABASAS, Calif. (AP) — The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and eight others that crashed into a rugged hillside outside Los Angeles was flying in foggy conditions considered dangerous enough that local police agencies grounded their choppers. The helicopter plunged into a steep hillside at about 9:45 a.m. Sunday with an impact that scattered debris over […]

New York high school sparks public storm over free speech on Israel

On January 9, the Ethical Culture Fieldston School — an elite private school in the Bronx known for its diversity and progressive values — fired JB Brager, a 31-year-old history teacher. Brager, who is Jewish, had expressed views on Twitter that were anti-Zionist and in support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Brager’s […]

Virus Spread Exposes Fragility Of Global Markets

By Tyler Durden As the numbers of infected and dead soar exponentially this weekend, with the deadly coronavirus spreading to multiple nations and seemingly very much not “contained,” early trading in markets suggest, as Bloomberg macro strategist Mark Cudmore details below, that this ‘black swan’ event is exposing the fragilities, and vulnerability, of financial markets […]

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