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‘ScUber’ launches submarine trips to Great Barrier Reef

A select few Australians will soon be able to briefly book an Uber submarine to the Great Barrier Reef, the ride-sharing giant said Thursday. From next week — in what Uber is pitching as a world first — people in Queensland state will be able to order a ride through the Uber app on […]

At least 7 dead as tornadoes slam US Midwest, South

At least seven people are dead in several US states after severe weather hit the country’s Midwest and South this week. At least 80 tornadoes were reported across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska within two days. On Wednesday alone, there were 22 reported tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri. A […]

UK Conservatives racing to appease Brexiteers despite public mood: Analyst

Politicians in the ruling Conservative Party in Britain are racing to replace Prime Minister Theresa May on a platform of ignoring rising demands in the country that the Brexit referendum should be reversed and the UK should remain part of the bloc, a senior political analyst from London says. Senior Tory lawmakers like Andrea […]

Iran, US faceoff ‘clash of wills’: Top commander

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri has noted that the current confrontation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the US is an arena for “clash of wills.” The top Iranian commander made the remark on Thursday in a message issued on the occasion of […]

Yemeni drone hits Patriot missile system at Saudi airport in Najran: Report

Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have reportedly launched an airstrike against an MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system stationed at an airport in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern border region of Najran. A Yemeni military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the local Arabic-language al-Masirah television network that Yemeni soldiers and their allies attacked the […]

By going vegan, Israelis can avoid talking about human rights

By choosing an ‘easier’ cause to fight for, some Israelis have decided they can have it all. By showing compassion to animals and their suffering, we can live with the continued blindness to the pain of the humans among us. By Rachel Shenhav-Goldberg Israeli animal rights activists take part in a protest against animal […]

We made sure Israel couldn’t hide the occupation from Eurovision

Israel had hoped to use the Eurovision Song Contest to bolster its international image. We were there to remind the world that there is no business as usual with an occupying state. By Tanya Rubinstein Israeli and international activists hold a solidarity protest with Palestinian prisoners outside the Eurovision Song Contest opening ceremony in […]

Senior German diplomat in Tehran hoping to salvage nuclear deal

BERLIN (AP) — A senior German diplomat headed Thursday to Tehran to press Iran to continue to respect the landmark nuclear deal, despite the unilateral withdrawal of the US and increasing pressure from Washington. Tensions have soared in the Mideast recently as the White House earlier this month sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers […]

UN agency for Palestinians rejects US call to dismantle it

The head of the United Nations organization for Palestinian refugees and their descendants on Thursday rejected a US call to dismantle the agency, saying it cannot be blamed for stalled peace efforts. UNRWA’s commissioner general Pierre Krahenbuhl rebuffed the criticism from US envoy Jason Greenblatt during a visit to the Gaza Strip. “I unreservedly reject […]

California synagogue dedicates Torah to woman killed in terror attack

POWAY, California — A Southern California synagogue where a gunman killed a woman and wounded three other people dedicated a new Torah scroll — the holiest object in Judaism — to the slain woman on Wednesday. The handwritten Biblical scroll had the final letters inked by a scribe during a ceremony at Chabad of Poway. […]

Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: May 23, 2019

HEARD LAST NIGHT — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered the keynote address at the celebration of Israel’s 71st Independence Day hosted by the Israeli Embassy at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.[Pic] “The White House has a vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which we will unveil this summer,” Pompeo said […]

British government postpones Brexit vote as crisis deepens

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — The British government on Thursday postponed a crucial Brexit vote scheduled for the first week of June, following an outcry from hardline Brexit supporters over concessions made by Prime Minister Theresa May. The beleaguered premier is in the last throes of a tumultuous period in power focused all-but exclusively on […]

“Research”: The U.S. Navy Wants To Archive 350 Billion Social Media Posts

May 23, 2019 By Mac Slavo The United States Navy wants to archive 350 billion social media posts in order to conduct “research.” What exactly does the military want to study? “Modes of collective expression.” The Department of the Navy has posted a solicitation asking contractors to bid on a project that would amass a staggering […]

DARPA Wants to Create Mind-Controlled Weapons of War

May 23, 2019 By Dagny Taggart Last year, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced that it was seeking noninvasive ways “to achieve high levels of brain-system communications without surgery.” The techniques would “allow precise, high-quality connections to specific neurons or groups of neurons.” The agency wants to create mind-controlled weapons of war, as […]

Pentagon Admits It Investigates UFOs Through a Secret Program

May 23, 2019 By Tyler Durden The Pentagon has admitted that they have been investigating UFOs through a secret government initiative known as the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP),” which the Defense department told the New York Post “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.” The DoD says that it shut down AATIP in 2012; […]

Signed as Law: Kansas Removes Barrier to the Use of Gold and Silver as Money

By Michael Maharrey TOPEKA, Kan. (May 22, 2019) – Last week, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill exempting gold and silver bullion, and other precious metals, from the state sales tax. Passage of this legislation eliminates one barrier to using gold and silver in everyday transactions, a foundational step for people to undermine the Federal […]

The Delusion of Justice and Crimes by the State

By Janet Phelan Amidst considerable fanfare, The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act (SB 178) was signed into law by President Trump on October 18, 2017. The law ostensibly provided more federal oversight to crimes which target the elderly, including telemarketing scams and guardianship abuse. The law mandated the establishment of a central elder abuse […]

Air Strip One: UK suffers humiliating defeat in UN over theft of Chagos Islands

IMAGE: Britain’s Ambassador to the UN, Karen Pierce, left in the lurch by near unanimous resolution. Back in 1967, the United Kingdom made the decision that was going to take Chagos Islands away from its indigenous inhabitants in order to give the United States yet another military base. To do this, Britain had to forcibly […]

INTERVIEW: Dr. Piers Robinson Discusses New OPCW Leak and Shifting Douma Narrative

Western governments are so deeply invested in the official ‘chemical weapons attack’ narrative that any new information which contradicts this could be viewed as a threat established policy. Such information has emerged recently, but incredibly, only one mainstream media outlet has reported on this crucial revelation.   Earlier this month, a leaked report from the Organisation […]

US Economic War on Venezuela Targets CLAP Food Program Relied on by Millions

CARACAS, VENEZUELA — The U.S. government is preparing to levy sanctions against officials associated with Venezuela’s food subsidy program known as CLAP, the latest in a long list of unilateral coercive measures against the country. The new sanctions follow a report by the Center for Economic Policy Research, which stated that 40,000 Venezuelans have died […]

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