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Paris Bans Exercise As Lockdown Tightens

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Authorities in Paris have announced they will ban outdoor exercise between the hours of 10am and 7pm as the coronavirus lockdown tightens. “All physical exercise – running, walking – will be banned in Paris between 10am and 7pm from tomorrow (Wed April 8) as part of ever […]

Michael ‘Big Short’ Burry Blasts "Unjustifiable" Lockdowns As "Most Devastating Economic Force In History"

How the Pandemic Happened “This is a new form of coronavirus that emanated from a country, China, that unfortunately covered it up. That was the original sin. It transmits very easily, and within the first month it was likely all over the world. Very poor testing infrastructure created an information vacuum as cases ramped, ventilator […]

Job Openings Smash Expectations In Delayed JOLTS Report

There was some good and some bad news in today’s JOLTs/job openings report. The good news was that coming in at 6.882 million, down modestly from 7.012 million in January, the number smashed consensus expectation of 6.5 million which in turn was a surprisingly low number which we attribute to the fact that most analyst […]

Did Capital One Run Into A Commodity Prepay Wall?

Submitted by Jacques Simon, In our last post we touted a too-big too fail return in the commodity-sector (a name nobody dare to pronounced. Today prices are down but market volatility is up (VaR is up, prices are down). Capital one, a FDIC-insured bank is allowed to skip a $1B margin call related to energy exposure of an undisclosed […]

As Europe Looks For Lockdown Exit Strategy, WHO Urges ‘Don’t Ease Measures Too Early’

Europe is finally seeing signs that its lockdowns are working, as over the weekend Europe’s epicenter of Italy finally saw its smallest daily increase in deaths since March 19, and Spain – with more total infections than Italy – also saw its daily number of deaths cut in half. France and Germany are also seeing slowdowns. […]


Dear Reader, Whether one is a Christian or not the duplicitous Orwellian definitions which Rev. Ted Pike explains in this article are of inestimable valuable to free thinkers and essential to a greater understanding of just how the Rothschild/B’nai Brith International (i.e. Anti-Defamation League, aka ADL) Zionist/Jewish/Israeli mindset operates and functions in their […]

Mainstream Media a Sinking Ship by S.H.Pearson

The Internet is fraught with worried liars seeking to confuse and mislead independent thinkers. Their motive is clear scatter decoys and throw people off the path of discovery. They want to obscure the real news, knowing that truth has a flavor. Once you get a taste of it you’ll know what it is. […]

Rabobank: "There Will Be Attempts To Go Back To Normal After This Crisis, But It Will Be Impossible"

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank The Grand National-ists The weekend’s world-famous UK horse race, the Grand National, was won by Potters Corner, trained in Wales and ridden by Jack Tudor, at 18-1. That’s a little unusual – but not as much as the fact that this was all a virtual race run on a […]

Tesla Cutting "Hundreds" Of Contractors From California And Nevada Factories

Just weeks after Tesla decided to argue with the Alameda County Sheriff’s department in an attempt to keep its workers coming into work during a global pandemic lockdown, the gate is now swinging in the other direction. Tesla is now reportedly cutting hundreds of contractors from its California and Nevada car and battery plants, according to CNBC. […]

‘Ugly Choices’ Will Have To Be Made… Very Soon

Authored by Sven Henrich via, I had a lot of time away from screens this weekend which is probably a good thing. Always good to get to step away and get a different perspective away from the constant bombardment of news, opinions, and, dare I say, conspiracy theories. People never lose their collective shit […]

‘Hope’ Vs ‘Nope’ – Dow Soars 1000 Points As Gold Spikes Near $1,700

One market is saying “hope”… Dow Futures are up over 1,000 points, topping 22k… While another is yelling “nope”… Gold futures are up over 2%, nearing $1,700… Is this investors claiming to “…barbell the virus turning point?” The dollar has drifted back to unchanged… And bonds are offered… Who will be right at the end […]

Germany Announces "Limitless" Aid Program For Small Business: SBA Are You Listening?

To anyone who fell asleep some time in early February and woke up today, it will come as a shock that Germany – which until very recently was perceived as the fiscally stingiest nation in Europe, if not the world – is fast emerging as the most generous provider of government stimulus, and this morning […]

Ford Wants A Repeat Of "Cash For Clunkers" As New Car Sales Tank

Authored by Rob Stumpf, via The Drive, The coronavirus pandemic has left no part of the global economy untouched. People are staying indoors, businesses are shuttering left and right, unemployment is skyrocketing and virtually nobody is buying cars. Now, as we edge toward a downturn worse than the 2008 financial crisis, Ford is nudging the […]

COVID-19 Patients Mistakenly Delivered To Navy Hospital Ship In New York

Multiple coronavirus patients were mistakenly transferred from New York’s Javits Center to the Navy hospital ship Comfort on Friday, according to Fox News, citing three US officials. Until Friday, Javits was only treating non-coronavirus cases until President Trump – at NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s request – authorized the facility to bring on COVID-19 patients. This […]

NATO Meeting On COVID-19 Erupts In Greece & Turkey War Of Words Over Migrants

Via Al-Masdar News, On Friday the foreign ministers of the NATO nations held a teleconference to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and their contingencies; however, the meeting would apparently turn sour when Greece and Turkey traded accusations over Ankara’s decision to open their European border to migrants, the Russian newspaper Gazeta.RU reported. According to the publication, Turkish Foreign […]

"No Hope": Canada’s Nursing Homes Prepare For Mass Death

Nursing homes in Canada have been instructed by health officials to ‘keep seniors comfortable’ if they contract COVID-19 and not take them to the hospital due to their high mortality rate, according to Canada’s Global News. “They’re treating it like a hospice, like there’s no hope like they have stage four brain cancer and they […]

"I’d Rather Vote For Trump" – Bernie-Backing Joe Rogan Disses Dems For "Making Us All Look Dumb Over Biden"

Comdeian and host of one of the world’s most popular podcasts, Joe Rogan, has said he would rather vote for Donald Trump than Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, should the former vice-president become the Democratic nominee. Speaking on April 3 with guest Eric Weinstein, a mathematician, economist, and managing director of Thiel Capital, Rogan said he “could not” vote for Biden, adding that the […]

A Primer For Gold Newbies

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, The purpose of this article is purely educational. Increasingly, the wider public is turning to gold in a spontaneous reaction to financial and economic problems that have become suddenly apparent, hastened by the spread of the coronavirus. For everyone now thinking of buying gold it is a leap into […]

Drone Delivers Food To Customers In COVID-19 Isolation  

A food truck operator in North Carolina has deployed a drone to deliver sandwiches to customers amid the state’s “stay at home” public health order and other strict social distancing measures that have completely changed how business is conducted in these challenging times. CBS17 Raleigh reports that the folks at CheeseSmith Food Truck deployed a DJI […]

Former British Supreme Court Justice: "This Is What A Police-State Is Like"

Via The Spectator, he former Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption, QC, has denounced the police response to the coronavirus, saying the country is suffering ‘collective hysteria’. This is an edited transcript of his interview with BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme earlier today. BBC interviewer Jonny Dymond  ‘A hysterical slide into a police state. A shameful police […]

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