CEOs are Just Go-fers for the Rothschilds

This idea was validated in the United States by the Pujo Committee in 1913 which unanimously determined that a small cabal of financiers had gained consolidated control of numerous industries through the abuse of the public trust. 


The chair of the House Committee on Banking and Currency, Representative Arsène Pujo, left, (DLa. 7th) convened a special committee to investigate a “money trust”, the de facto monopoly of Morgan and New York’s other most powerful bankers.

 The committee issued a scathing report on the banking trade and found that the officers of J.P. Morgan & Co. also sat on the boards of directors of 112 corporations with a market capitalization of $22.5 billion (the total capitalization of the New York Stock Exchange was then estimated at $26.5 billion).[1]

Attorney Samuel Untermeyer [a Zionist hack] who headed the 1913 Pujo Money Trust Investigation Committee to investigate money trusts defined a money trust to George Baker during the Pujo hearings; “We define a money trust as an established identity and community of interest between a few leaders of finance, which has been created and is held together through stock-holding, interlocking directorates, and other forms of domination over banks, trust companies, railroads, public service and industrial corporations, and which has resulted in vast and growing concentration and control of money and credits in the hands of a few men”.[2]

The Pujo Committee Report concluded in 1913 that a community of influential financial leaders had gained control of major manufacturing, transportation, mining, telecommunications and financial markets of the United States. The report revealed that no less than eighteen different major financial corporations were under control of a cartel led by J .P. MorganGeorge F Baker and James Stillman

These three men, through the resources of seven banks and trust companies (Bankers Trust Co., Guaranty Trust Co., Astor Trust Co., National Bank of Commerce, Liberty National BankChase National Bank, and Farmer’s Loan and Trust Co.) controlled an estimated $2.1 billion. The report revealed that a handful of men held manipulative control of the New York Stock Exchange and attempted to evade interstate trade laws.


The Pujo Report singled out individual bankers including Paul WarburgJacob H. SchiffFelix M. Warburg, Frank E. Peabody, William Rockefeller and Benjamin Strong, Jr. The report identified over $22 billion in resources and capitalization controlled through 341 directorships held in 112 corporations by members of the empire headed by J.P. Morgan.[3]

Although Pujo left Congress in 1913, the findings of the committee inspired public support for ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913, the passage of the Federal Reserve Act that same year, and passage of the Clayton Antitrust Act in 1914. They were also widely publicized in the Louis Brandeis book, Others People’s Money–and How the Bankers Use It.[4]  

[Makow- Obviously the Federal Reserve Act was brought in under the guise of “reform.”]


First Comment from Tony B:

Never mentioned in the “gun” issue is the simple fact that the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, one of the “Bill of Rights” granted by freemasons to get that masonic document accepted by the people, is now the only remaining stumbling block for the satanic/talmudic/kabballah element to announce their world conquest openly and begin their mass murders and confiscation of all property.  U.S. citizens own more guns than any army in the world so confiscating them is imperative for this bunch of world destroyers.  This is the true explanation of all the false “mass shootings” and the never ending efforts to override the constitution with mere statutes, which is totally unlawful but the same satanists own the courts so the unlawful statutes will be allowed to stand unless the people use the threat of their guns to regain lawful government.


Concerning your article:, installed CEOs tend to be MBA graduates, what is actually Monkey-Business Agitation, absent of scientific or otherwise intellectual footing. It is merely a training camp for incumbent Capo dei Business. Introducing them to the illuminati. 

They enforce HR (read: Gestapo), Politically-correct dogmas like LGBT, prohibition on the progression of straight Caucasian white males, miscegenation and processing (‘Agile’) instead of processes (contextual-analysis, giving rise to architecture; enabling functional, lean and elegant actual solutions). The cardinal role of MBA types is to rig the markets and to arrange kick-backs to acquisition personnel of their customers, aka Marketing-expenses, which often exceed the R&D costs even in rather technological industries. MBA CEOs tend to have “fashions” i.e. synchronized heard acts of hiring and firing people, surely per superior orders.

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