Chametz being allowed in Israel’s hospitals

January 13, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk

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We reported that Israel’s High Court has ruled Israeli hospitals cannot ban Chametz being brought into their establishments. Is this fair? We asked the rabbi.

Rabbi Raymond Apple

Rabbi Raymond Apple, formerly the spiritual leader is Sydney’s Great Synagogue and now domiciled in Jerusalem, proffered his opinion.

Question: Some Israelis are urging that they should be allowed to bring chametz into public places like hospitals on Pesach. What is your view?

Answer: Though it is against the Torah to eat chametz on Pesach, no-one stops individuals from doing so. But there is a difference between committing a sin in private and doing it in public. In public, there are two severe ethical transgressions. One is making a provocative statement that you disdain a major mark of Jewish identity. The other is assailing the conscience of other people and polluting their atmosphere. Others should not have to suffer because of your chutzpah.


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