Chicago simian rides horse to near death

“YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWW MA NIGGAZ” “Dem white pypipo dont give enuf gibs to deh black man”

Welcome to United States of South Africa-America folks! These niggers will now ride a horse to near death (most media outlets report horse will likely be put down) in order for muh “black lives”. Seriously they want more gibs! Those damn apes went endless white goods, white land!

Seven miles on the freeway going 15MPH! Horse was dehydrated. It’s amazing thehorse didn’t collapse.

These are subhuman apes who have no respect for animals. And yes that horse is worth more than the average nigger simply in price value. Quite honestly only white men should be riding horses, not these savages. Just like how chinks shouldn’t have dogs.

This is what jewish-black alliance is capable of folks. Hide your wives, hide your daughters and tell them stay away from simian chimps & hook nosed jews!

The white race must wake up, and let the weakling traitors expose themselves. The ones on the fence must be shown this video so they can get redpilled faster. We as whites have respect for animals because we’re not sociopathic apes. And white women love horses, so show them this video.

Stay strong folks! They cannot deny what is rightfully ours (our consciousness, our genes, our whole land) any longer. White sharia! White power!

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