China and Taiwan major sources of drugs in the Philippines: Duterte

nsnbc : After Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech listed China and Taiwan as countries of many of the illicit drugs that are flooding the Philippines, Taiwan’s representative to the Philippines Gary Lin frankly conceded that “our counterpart is telling the truth”.



Gary Lin made his frank admission about the validity of Duterte’s claim during an interview with Apple Daily. During a speech at a police academy alumni association, Duterte said that the drug trade in the Philippines is run by organized crime and it would not function if it did not have upstream production in China and Taiwan.

Lin noted that that the People’s Republic of China is the main source of illegal narcotics in the Philippines, but that Taiwanese are also involved, especially in terms of serving as drivers and drug engineers. The Philippines is not the only country to be flooded with illicit drugs from China.

Lin added that Duterte is speaking the truth in the sense that the drug problem in the Philippines is a transnational issue which includes China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Therefore, Taiwan has been working closely with the Philippines to fight drug trafficking, and thus far the results have been good, said Lin. What Duterte wants to express is: “it is only through cooperation that eradication can occur,” according to Lin.

Lin emphasized that many young Taiwanese people have been involved in the drug trade in the Philippines, and it has been a problem the government has been trying to rectify for years. Despite efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve Taiwan’s image, out of greed some young people have gone to the Philippines to traffic, transport, and design illegal drugs. In addition, there have been a small number Taiwanese fishing vessels that have been involved in smuggling drugs into the Philippines, according to Lin.

Duterte is waging a highly controversial “”war on dugs” in the Phillippines. When he launched the anti-drug Duterte would claim that reports about police violence and the death of suspects were accelerated. Duterte claimed he had merely assured police that they would no longer face unemployment or lengthy trials while suspended, if they used firearms against violent and armed suspects.

However, there have been consistent reports about murders carried out by vigilante groups, reportedly while police is at the very least looking the other way, and even the deaths of entire family groups, at times with police involvement. An independent investigation has never taken place.

Metamphetamine and precursor chemicals are also increasingly flooding the streets of the United States, Canada, other Asian countries and in part Europe. It is feared that acquisitions of container terminslas in Europe by Chinese companies also will carry this “business opportunity” into Europe. Other drugs associated with China are extreme designer dugs like Flakka – a substance that causes zombi-like convulsions and behavior.

F/AK – nsnbc 21.09.2017

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