China cracks down on social media content deemed offensive to the Communist Party

nsnbc : Consistent with a disturbing global trend, China’s cyber-regulator announced a crackdown social media content, sneaking a crackdown on content “deemed offensive to the Communist Party” and other oppressive regulations into a package sold as necessary for national security.

China_censorship_(archives)China’s cyber-regulator, on Friday, stated that it is investigating the country’s social media sites over “claims the sites might not be complying with the recently implemented laws”.  Beijing’s Cyberspace Administration (CA) said it was investigating Tencent, WeChat, Weibo and Baidu over allegedly:

“Failing to comply with laws that ban content which is violent, obscene or deemed offensive to the Communist Party“. (emphasis added)

The regulator said on its website:

“Users are spreading violence, terror, false rumors, pornography and other hazards to national security, public safety, social order.”  (emphasis added)

The Cyber Administration in the Asian “workers’ and peasants’ paradise” did not disclose any details about what it “deems to be offensive to the Communist Party” and what it deems to pose a threat to China’s “social order”.

A “typical” interpretation, consistent with precedence, would be that social media content that questions the one-party rule, content that reveals details about the oligarchical structures within the Communist Party and the armed forces and their corruption and nepotism, – for example – is likely to be designated as “offensive to the Communist Party, and dangerous to the social order, while reports critical of Beijing’s one-China policy or Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea are likely to be deemed as a threat to national security.

The action announced by China is the latest in a series of regulatory actions against the country’s top tech firms as the country’s cyber authorities recently moved to an increasingly hardened stance on censorship, doling out harsh punishments to firms that fail to comply.

The country has tightened its cyber surveillance ahead of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which is scheduled to be held later this year. The investigation announced on Friday also comes a month after the same firms were ordered to carry out immediate “cleaning and rectification” at a meeting with their representatives.

At that meeting, authorities had reportedly cited specific examples of illicit content, including rumors about party officials and misrepresenting Chinese military history. Weibo was also ordered to partially close its video site over violations, wiping out a combined $1.3 billion worth of stock between Weibo and parent firm Sina Corp.

CH/L – nsnbc 12.08.2017

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