China & Sth Korea boiling dogs alive

Dogs and Cats blow torched alive to burn off their fur.. then get thrown in to boil

index KKKhguCKXYXpFcQ-556x313-noPad cooking live animals in Chima and Korea

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4 Responses to “China & Sth Korea boiling dogs alive”

  1. Lindsey Gallagher says:

    Unbelievable! What is wrong with these people! how can they do such things. SHOCKING! Words can’t decribe, HORRIFIC! These poor animals, how are they getting away with it, it is so not right!

  2. Catherine says:

    I don’t see the difference between a dog and a pig or cow. If you think the animals we’re “supposed” to eat are treated much differently, think again. Don’t put your head in the sand.

    • Awake Goyim Humanity says:

      I havent seen anyone put a live pig in a pot of boiling water.. have you?

    • Hilda says:

      Oh here we go. The obligatory comparison with pigs and cows argument. No animal should be boiled, skinned or blowtorches whilst still alive. Eat them if you must but to torture them is downright cruel.

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