Chinese men aim to import thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women

China has a serious shortage of women, due to their one child policy, which was adopted following Mao’s retarded “as many children as physically possible” policy. Women, when pregnant with a girl, have tended to abort it so that they will have a son to carry on the family name.

Instead of looking inside of Asia for women to import (Southeast Asia has plenty available), China is instead looking to mix with Europeans by importing poverty-stricken women from Ukraine and Russia.

Here is the original Chinese article with all of these weird illustrations.

The Chinese establishment wouldn’t be any more happy with this plan than, say, a European nationalist. Race is the defining characteristic of Chinese society, and half-Chinese (usually from Hong Kong or Singapore) say that they are treated like dirt inside of mainland China.

Even though this could look like a good thing for these 3 countries involved in massive interracial marriages by filling the gap of low number of men in Russia and Ukraine and low number of women in China, this definitely isn’t a solution and if anything is actually harming the two Slavic nations which have an extremely low birth rate and tiny populations while China on the other hand accounts for 1.3 billion people which is 19.24% of total world population while Russia and Ukraine combined account for some tiny 1% or something. If Russia and Ukraine continue current population trends, it will result in their extinction by the beginning of the next century. Extinction isn’t something impossible. It has happened more than once in history to many countries.

A better solution for these two poor Eastern European nations would probably be to legalize polygamy where Russian men could marry more than one Russian women but not the other way around. Both Russia and Ukraine are Christian Orthodox countries, God allows polygamy according to the Bible so why not fix this shortage of men by doing just this? No one is forced to join such a relationship, whoever will want to could join and divorce anytime.

As for China… with such a huge population its almost impossible to find a real fix for their shortage of women issue. Probably the best solution would be to stop aborting female babies so they can stabilize their population balance a little.

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  1. Awake Goyim Awake Goyim says:

    Jews who run china and Russia always blaming others again.

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