Classic BLM Supporter: White Single Mother

There is a deep psychosis embedded within the white female brain that implores her to betray race and nation.

There it is, everything I preach about modern liberal white women in a nutshell.

I’d bet big bucks that this hideous fat cow has two or three nibba nibba mulatto children, hence her obsession with promulgating black supremacy in America. Essentially, this cow wants her genetic offspring to thrive in an America where white people are marginalized and sacred ‘people of color’ are deified and privileged because of their swarthy skin.

It’s always the disloyal race mixers among our race, both men and women, who most vehemently defend the globalist anti-white jewish regime oppressing us.

White single mothers are the most degenerate life forms among our people. These are females who’ve failed to sustain the interest of a mate even though the entire romantic game is rigged in favour of women. In this rigged feminist dating market, even fat slobs like the atrocious manatee in the video have the ability of snatching some desperate fool.

White single mothers are usually mud sharks or intolerable cunts with mental problems. No sane white man would get within 50 feet of these shebeasts. Any offspring they produce will inevitably be defective dregs and a burden on society.

Women are such sheep-like lemmings that they vote time and again for the far-left political parties who promise the biggest welfare package for the ‘oppressed’ coalition of professional victims. The incredibly powerful female genetic impulse to establish a security blanket around her during life leads her into all kinds of suicidal traps that the jews have laid out for her, thus why our race is dying out.

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  1. Awake Goyim Awake Goyim says:

    another Jew

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