Clinton Calls President Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’ Says He Can’t Win Election Without Russia’s Help

Hillary Clinton has pounced on latest ‘Russian meddling’ report to start bashing President Donald Trump.

She quickly to seize upon the latest claim that Russia is ‘interfering’ in the 2020 election to renew her attacks on Trump. Meanwhile a lack of evidence casts the vague report into doubt.

So far any efforts to get to the bottom of what it was claimed the Russians were actually doing to help Trump in 2020, have turned up nothing.

RT reports: Clinton crowed an ‘I told you so’ in response to an NBC reporter’s tweet suggesting Trump had desperately wanted to keep the latest installment in the never-ending ‘Russian meddling’ soap opera under wraps. Accusing the president of “taking Russian help for himself,” she exhorted her followers to keep “Putin’s Puppet” from securing a second term.

“He knows he can’t win without” Russian assistance, the former secretary of state snarked, lapsing into the familiar refrain she has sung – with only a few interruptions – since losing the 2016 election.

Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire’s
office reportedly briefed the House on the alleged “Russian meddling
threat” last week, ensuring the whole world was aware that ‘Russian
collusion’ was back on the menu for 2020. Trump was said to have sent
Maguire packing over the indiscretion, furious that his enemies in the
House, fresh off (and embittered by) their botched impeachment, would
use it against him.

Clinton’s detractors on social media were quick to mock her ‘Groundhog Day’-like reliving of the 2016 election. “Can someone call a mental health professional for her?” one tweeter joked.

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