CNN Sort of Does Have a Point Here Though I Think to be Fair Though

This is the top article on at 4:00 AM on Monday morning, after a night of riots:

The New York Times has a similar headline up, a piece written by America’s resident nagging Jewish woman Maggie Haberman:

It wasn’t just CNN and NYT that are wondering where Donald Trump was last night.

I was wondering about it.

Roosh was wondering about it.

Ann was wondering about it.

I think it was a pretty fair question to ask.

I just can’t imagine any universe in which the solution to the biggest riots in American history is to disappear from view. I mean, when people were rioting out in front of the White House on Sunday night, people were wondering where the president was. At the very least, he could have live-tweeted the siege.

I want to know why Donald Trump is allowing this to happen.

If he doesn’t have the ability to stop it, okay. He needs to explain that.

I would personally like it if he went out there and blamed the people responsible for this nightmare, which are the mayors that are pulling the police out of cities and letting them be burned down by black people and Antifa.

He did on Saturday blame Antifa for the riots, and he’s declared them a terrorist group. So that’s a good start. But it doesn’t exactly solve the problem. In order to solve the problem, the problem is going to have to be addressed.

The president doesn’t appear to be interested in that.

I am again left wondering if he is going to lose the election on purpose.

The other question I have is about the girl holding the “TERRORIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE” sign in that NYT header image.

Is that a weird-looking white girl? Probably not, she’s too thin. Is it a Mexican? A cute quadroon? What is it?

How is the NYT going to run this article and not answer the most basic question on everyone’s mind?

You’re useless, Haberman.

Dumb ugly bitch.

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