Coalburning Cow Krysinda Tyler Calls the Jew News on Coalfax Website

Krysinda Tyler is a fat white cow who married a fat black baboon. It’s unknown if these two species can reproduce, but it won’t stop them from trying!

She ended up on the marvelous coalfax registry for her coalburning activities. Triggered, she called the Jew news to put some heat on the glorious website.


A Houston-area woman and her husband are searching for answers after being targeted for her husband’s race. Her photos and information were posted to a website shaming white women and men for relationships with black men and women.

Krysinda and Robert Tyler were disgusted to see the premise of the website.

“As a human being, it’s just disgusting,” Krysinda said. “It was pretty nasty. It was pretty hateful, and there are a lot of people on there.”

“I couldn’t believe it. It was just so over the top,” Robert said.

The website, which KPRC is choosing not to publish, describes itself as “a free public registry for men to help them find out if their current or prospective romantic partner has a history of dating black men,” according to the site.

She was notified about her presence on the site after she had made a public post supporting the black community.

“An individual I don’t know commented and kind of laughed at what he called my ‘black pride’ and said ‘We all know about it.” He posted the link,” Krysinda said.

The site had dozens of pictures of white women and a few men, along with racist messages and direct links to the people’s social media accounts.

“It needs to be shut down. It needs to be stopped,” Robert said.

She wants to stifle the free speech of coalfax because she doesn’t like that they’re exposing fat cows like her as race-mixers.

Undoubtedly, she’d have no issue with a website that glorified mud sharks and their mud sharking, it’s the criticism that gets her all riled up.

Maybe she needs to take that pent up anger to the gym to shed a few hundred pounds so she can attract a nice white man?

No, she won’t do that. She’ll continue to stuff her face with cupcakes and twinkies and then head off to the bedroom to fornicate with a chimp.

Disgusting pig.

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