Common Farm Pesticide Tied to Increase Lung Damage in Children

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December 4, 2015


The Center for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas (CHAMACOS) published a study with researchers from the University of California at Berkley (UCB) showing that continuous exposure to pesticides will cause damage to children’s lungs and their function-ability – more so than inhaling second hand smoke.

By monitoring 279 children of farm workers, the researchers wanted to see what the long-term effects are of being exposed to chemicals found in pesticides used for commercial farming.

Pregnant women participating in the study were tested for metabolizing organophosphates and their children were continuously tested using exhalation-measuring equipment.

After analyzing data on children ages 6 months to 7 years of age, the researchers discovered that there was a correlation between lower exhalation rates and higher levels of organophosphate metabolites.

Shockingly, the lung dysfunction resembles that of non-smokers exposed to prolonged second-hand smoke.

Brenda Eskenazi, epidemiologist with UCB and co-author of the study, explained that it is unknown how many children have been effected, but “it’s likely that some of the exposure is coming through the air, and a lot of the exposure is coming from food or other hand-to-mouth behavior, through ingestion.”

Pesticides have been studied quite a bit lately, which has yielded more knowledge of how these chemicals effect the human body.

Last April, researchers from Harvard University School of Public Health (SPH) published a study that shows eating copious amounts of pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables may be causing the infertility problems that have sprung up lately.

This study found that participants who attended a fertility clinic, we used for the report because they ate produce known to be heavily sprayed with pesticides; such as strawberries, apples and spinach.

These participants had half as many sperm, and a 3rd fewer normal sperm, than the men who consumed less pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables.

In 2014, the Washington State University (WSU) released a study identifying the pesticide methoxychlor as a direct causation to the development of diseases affecting the kidneys, ovaries and metabolic complications such as obesity over generations.

Methoxychlor is an endocrhine disruptor such as BPA and has an established high toxicity and bioaccumulation in the body.

This chemical alters its composition with the seasonal changes, does not easily dissolve in water and is mixed with petroleum before being sprayed.

In animals, methoxychlor has been shown to disrupt estrogenic development before and after birth in both males and females.

One study showed that methoxychlor caused leukemia to develop in humans. The chemical enters into the placenta, affecting the fetus in utero and has been detected in the mother’s milk.

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