Communists not aroused by upcoming “Sex with Stalin” video game

The game, called “Sex with Stalin,” is set for release on Steam in October. According to its scenario, the player becomes a time-traveler who returns to the first part of 20th century to advise the Soviet leader on achieving “worldwide supremacy” or to show “that mustache guy what real love is.”

The rookie developers from ‘Boobs Dev’ have branded Stalin (1878-1953) “the greatest dictator in history” in the description of their product.

Besides seducing the historic figure, the game would allow for a range of other interactions with a 3D model of Stalin, like “hit him in the stomach, plug in the electricity to his nipples, jump on his back.”

The developers insist that the choices made by the player during the short campaign, which takes place in an “interrogation chamber, Stalin’s cabinet, bedroom and the secret ‘Red’ room,” would matter and would lead to several endings.

Prospective buyers are also warned about “violence, nudity and blood” experienced in the game.

One of those, who surely won’t be charging out for “Sex with Stalin” this autumn is Russia’s Communist Party MP Olga Alimova.

The developers “must have tried everything in their lives and now picked up an interest in such methods… This is filthy. I can’t even discuss this,” she said.

Making such a game is illogical and “doctors must look into this,” Alimova added, apparently referring to the need for psychiatrists to question the game and its creators.

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Almost 70 years since his passing, Stalin remains a highly controversial figure in Russia after he led the USSR to victory against the Nazis and built major industries in the country from scratch, but at the same time was responsible for the brutal purge of hundreds of thousands of dissidents, and was at the center of a personality cult.

A poll earlier this year revealed that over 50 percent of the population considered him a positive figure, which was the highest approval rating since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. However, another survey showed that only 5 percent of those who supported Stalin would’ve agreed to actually live under his rule.

In April, the mention of Stalin was removed from the Russian version of US-made comic movie “Hellboy” and replaced with the name of Hitler. Last year, “The Death of Stalin” comedy by Scottish director, Armando Iannucci, was banned from appearing on Russian cinema screens, due to “elements of extremism.”

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