“Hello everybody! It’s your old pal Grover with some health tips…” begins the spindly blue monster in a Sesame Street PSA.

After teaching kids to wash their hands Grover transitions into some new normal brainwashing: “Another way for everyone to stay healthy is by practicing physical distance and staying six feet away from people in public. That is right, six cute little feet like this…”

Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable


When it came to NEWS, the BBC’s Frank Bough was trusted.

“In 1988, it all came crashing down amid lurid stories of cocaine parties with prostitutes and four years later, he was pictured leaving a ‘dungeon party’ at the flat of a dominatrix prostitute.”

“His image as a clean-cut family man was shattered after revelations that he wore women’s lingerie at cocaine parties with prostitutes.” 

Nazis? Berlin – Arrest of Human Rights Lawyer Markus Haintz.

 Joe Biden is three points ahead in Texas, typically Republican territory.


The return to the Feudal System.

Robert Middelmann, a German Jew.

On 21 October 2020, the German Press Agency (dpa) reports that Germany pledges NATO soldiers for possible Covid-19 operations:

“German soldiers could be sent on crisis missions to other NATO and partner countries during the second wave of the Corona pandemic.

“Democracy” vs. COVID: A No-Go. The Great Reset is the Antidote of DemocracyBy Peter Koenig, October 25, 2020

Protective medical equipment deals.

Trump and a Melania body-double? 

“Nose, cheek bone, jaw line, lips, chin… Melania’s doppleganger is younger, less botoxed and WAAAAAAAAY too happy to be hanging with Trump.”

President Trump has consoled the 90-year-old mother of New York City police officer who died last year after she was fatally shot by a deranged individual.

Trump demands the death penalty for ALL killers of police.

“We are gradually becoming a totalitarian state. 

“Ministers are encouraging people to spy on their neighbours, the police are urged to abandon their normal duties to disturb us in the privacy of our homes, and pub and restaurant owners are required to use Gestapo-like tactics with their customers.

“Millions are again prevented from meeting friends and family, banned from leading normal lives. Swathes of jobs are also being destroyed and Government debt is piling up to dizzying levels.”

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