Coronavirus Has Nothing On Homosexuality

By Philippe Armstrong

Homosexuals have been spreading petri dishes of disease for decades. They refused to close down the bathhouses in the late 1970s and 1980s quickly spreading the HIV/AIDS pandemic plus all the other nasties that tag along. They are still doing that, but society calls that love is love and diversity, but with coronavirus, it is social isolation, quarantine and other measures. Homosexual diseases and other diseases due to degenerate behaviour are called  human rights. But no one dare say how the homosexuals are walking walking disease vectors. Homosexuals have always been a public health threat and for decades, too. 

Take Dan Savage, the leader of the It Gets Better Project who makes a living promoting degeneracy and other deviant sexual acts. Depraved gay parades are considered wonderful and homosexals are jow protected under hate speech laws. However, just read a few facts about what passes for the average homo life and you very quickly know what Dan the Savage teaches is pure propaganda. 

The homosexual movement started in the bathhouses and trying to tell everyone they are victims. In 2013 the CDC said 81% of HIV infections resulted from male to male contact. Most homosexuals engage in rimming (for those not familiar, it means ingesting feaces). They see no problem with this. And they want to be around children! The vast majority of homosexuals do not reveal their HIV status and they are rampant drug users also heightening the risk of all sorts of other illnesses. They even want the ‘right’ to donate blood. The homosexuals can never put any brakes on their hedonism. 

In Australia, funding for HIV retrovirals could cost up to $3 billion. Australian tax dollars are paid for homosexuals to have sex with as many men as they can. The term homophobic is so far off-base. No one is scared of homosexuals. We are disgusted by it. Homosexual men are spreading diseases through their barebacking and other paraphilia. 

The media of course do a great job of portraying homos as just like heterosexuals. The similarities are very few. Homo acceptance is built on a very false myth that they are just like anyone else and love is love. To win societal acceptance, they need to pretend they are family-focused. They always operate on two desires: sex and approval. They function like children. 

Coronavirus, despite its seriousness and measures needed to contain it, has nothing over homosexuality. 

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