Geoffrey Epstein and his close friend Bill Gates.

List of 25 scientists all of whom have been affiliated with or funded by Jeffrey Epstein, and who also promote, implement and are the beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

Anne Harrington – science historian, history of psychiatry, neuroscience, cognitive science
Ben Goertzel – mathematics, artificial intelligence researcher
Charles Lieber Nanotechnology
Daniel Dennett – philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist
Danny Hillis – inventor, entrepreneur, scientist
Eric Lander – mathematician, geneticist
George Church – geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist
Howard Gardner – developmental psychologist
Jaron Lanier – computer scientist
Joi Ito – head of MIT Media Lab, resigned over ties to Epstein
Joscha Bach – cognitive scientist
Kip Thorne – theoretical physicist
Larry Summers – economist
Lawrence Krauss – theoretical physicist and cosmologist
Lisa Randall – theoretical physicist and cosmologist
Martin Nowak – mathematical biologist
Nathan Myhrvold – applied mathematics
Nicholas Negroponte – architect, founder MIT Media Lab and ‘One Laptop per Child’
Noam Chomsky – linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian
Oliver Sachs – neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author
Richard Dawkins – ethnologist, evolutionary biologist
Robert L Trivers – evolutionary biologist and sociobiologist
Roger Schank – cognitive psychologist
Stephen Kosslyn – psychologist, neuroscientist, ‘expert on the science of learning’
Steven Pinker – cognitive psychologist, linguist

 “In 2003 Bryant voted for participation in the Iraq war. He is a member of the Labour Friends of Israel”.  He was ridiculed by the press in 2003 when he posted a picture of himself wearing only underpants on a gay dating site, Gaydar”. 

A laptop has been obtained by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is allegedly linked to the Jewish Mafia.

The conservative radio host Wayne Root claimed without evidence in a tweet shared tens of thousands of times that Hunter Biden’s laptop contains videos of him sexually abusing Chinese children.

John Paul MacIsaac, who reportedly gave the laptop to Giuliani, said he was not able to confirm it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the laptop at his repair shop.

MacIsaac said he did not see child pornography on the computer.

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