Cringe Youtuber Idubbbz Defends Girlfriend Who Got a Boob Job & Started Camwhoring for Money

What else could you expect from a noddle-armed faggot cuck who makes a living producing retard-tier cringe videos to entertain teenagers on jewtube?

His girlfriend decided to get a boob job and immediately began camwhoring on some perverted website called fansonly.

What else could a dyke like her do other than get fake breasts and masterbate to creeps on the internet? She has no actual employable skills to speak of, so why not produce smut for strangers, right?

This is her on video:

Yeah, she gives off a very strong millennial feminist vibe.

The fact that she finds this noodle-armed faggot Idubbbz attractive is further proof of her feminism.

Any dude who regularly wears a beanie and oversized glasses is clearly someone who allows other men to put their penises in his ass.

No exceptions.

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