Cruz TRIGGERS Pelosi: Trump Will Be “Acquitted Forever of Bogus Impeachment Charges”

Ted Cruz triggers Nancy Pelosi by saying Trump will be acquitted FOREVER from bogus impeachment charges

Senator Ted Cruz has mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her recent claim that President Trump will be “impeached forever,” saying that POTUS will be “acquitted forever of these bogus charges.”

Pelosi faced backlash for her braggadocious remarks about President Trump’s impeachment, gleefully boasting that he is “impeached forever” during an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday night.

“Real quick, how likely is it that we see a motion to dismiss in the first – after the first 48 hours, after you actually look at those articles?” Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo asked Cruz on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Cruz responded:

“You know, I don’t think it is that likely.”

“And the reason is, I think dismissing this case is a much less attractive option than rendering final judgment and acquitting the president,”Cruz continued.

“And the reason is twofold,” Cruz said.

“Number one, if you do a dismissal, a dismissal doesn’t reach the merits.”

“An acquittal, a verdict of not guilty, that verdict stands for all time.”

“Nancy Pelosi is going out on TV, crowing that the president has been impeached forever,” Cruz continued.

“Well, when we get to final judgment, the president will have been acquitted forever of these bogus impeachment charges. That’s a much better outcome for the president and for the country.”


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