Culprits Swing Puppy By His Ears, Slam Him Against Brick Wall and Throw Him Into Pool

A video showing act of ultimate animal abuse has emerged and left people outraged. A group of youngsters from Dublin, Ireland, mistreat a helpless puppy by swinging it by his ears, after which they cruelly slam it against a wall and throw it into a pool. This repeats over and over again as they take turns in hurting the poor animal.

This act that disturbed millions was funny for the thugs. They could be heard laughing hysterically while the dog gets hurt multiple times and is all petrified and unaware of what is happening to him.

Instead in the pool, the dog ended on the concrete floor many times after it was forcefully thrown in mid-air. It struggled to walk as it lost its balance and tried running away.

Animal lovers, animal rescue services and welfare organizations urged the police to investigate the case and identify the abusers.

Once this disturbing video went viral, the pup was found and is now reunited with the owner. As for now, no charges have been pressed but the investigation is ongoing. If you have any information that can lead to tracking down these horrible people please contact Gardai at DSPCA or email [email protected]

The video below contains graphic content and some viewers may find it disturbing.

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