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Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of so called “pro Whites” promote this jewish-looking guy who goes by Cultured Thug. They claim that he does such “good work”. If their jew-dars weren’t beeping off of the charts from just looking at his ugly face, then his “good work” should immediately set off alarm bells. This creature is an open Third Position Nazbol. He doesn’t try to hide it.

Red flag #1: He’s still able to operate on jewtube.

Red flag #2: He openly promotes Third Position/Nazbol/Duginism. How can people be so pathetic as to give this man a “pass” because he apparently did a “good video”.

The symbol on his shirt is for the Legion of The Archangel or Legionary Movement.

The Iron Guard (Romanian: Garda de Fier) is the name most commonly given to a fascist movement and political party in Romania founded in 1927 by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu as the Legion of the Archangel Michael (Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail) or the Legionnaire movement (Mișcarea Legionară). The Legion was ultra-nationalist, antisemitic, antimagyar, antiziganist, anti-communist, anti-capitalist and promoted Eastern Orthodox Christianity. In March 1930 Codreanu formed the “Iron Guard” as a paramilitary political branch of the Legion, and in 1935, the Legion changed its official name to the “Totul pentru Țară” party (literally “Everything For the Country” Party). It existed into the early part of World War II. Its members were called “Greenshirts” because of the predominantly green uniforms they wore.

When Marshal Ion Antonescu came to power in September 1940, he brought the Iron Guard into the government, creating the National Legionary State. In January 1941, however, following the Legionnaires’ rebellion, Antonescu used the army to suppress the movement, destroying the organization, but its then commander, Horia Sima, and some other leaders escaped to Germany.

The text, World Fascism A-Z, shows Limonov’s publication favorably referencing the Iron Guard, among others. One of Limonov’s influences was Julius Evola, who was a friend of Iron Guard founder Codreanu. Eduard Limonov founded the National Bolshevik Front (NBF) as an amalgamation of six minor groups. Aleksandr Dugin was among the earliest members and was instrumental in convincing Limonov to enter politics.

Marlene Laruelle’s Eurasianism and the European Far Right shows how Alexander Dugin, the cofounder of the National Bolshevik Party with Limonov, has attempted to rekindle the global fascist movement by returning to Codreanu’s Iron Guard, among others.

The modern Iron Guard has also left their mark at the scene of an arson.

It seems that the new Iron Guard, is just the Tard Workers Party, rebranded.

Fun fact of the day:  Did you know that the original Iron Guard participated in blood letting and blood sucking rituals? Edgy!

Normally, to obtain membership, new affiliates in each cuib (nest) participated in a grisly ceremony requiring that they suck blood from slashes in the arms of other members. They swore to obey the “six fundamental laws” of the cuib: discipline, work, silence, education, mutual aid, and honor. Then they wrote oaths in their own blood, pledging even to kill when so ordered. Members of the Legion’s direct-action units, appropriately termed echipa mortii (death squads), in turn, each contributed some of their blood to a common glass, from which all drank, uniting them in life and death.

Red Flag #3: He promotes the Third Position. (translation: Stalinist Communism/National Bolshevism/Strasserism)

Red Flag #4: He promotes the degenerate “artist” and faggot Julius Evola.

One of Ebola’s masterpieces

Red Flag #5: He promotes the commie fag Keith Woods who thinks ethnonationalism is akin to “liberalism”. This statement makes absolutely no sense when you realize that these Strasserist/Third Positon boys consider themselves “far left”.

Red Flag #6: He is promoted on the NazBol Nordic Front website:

Red Flag #7: He is promoted by the “Alt Right” butt boys.

Have you ever noticed how these shills always promote “fashy” Fascism but ignore National Socialism? They pretend to admire Hitler, yet push Evola, a man that was banned from NS Germany for being a subversive. If you’re fence sitting right now, thinking that promoting these kinds of charlatans is “okay,” then you are the problem. You are what is holding our people back from the truth and you should be ashamed.

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