Daesh claims responsibility for bomb attack on Syria pipeline

Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack on a natural gas pipeline located in southern Syria on Friday night, which resulted in a power cut across the capital Damascus and many other surrounding areas.

According to a statement by the terror group on Saturday, Daesh claimed that its fighters “were able to plant and detonate explosives on the gas pipeline feeding the Tishreen and Deir Ali plants.”

The power outage lasted for only around 30 minutes before electricity was partially restored, but Electricity Minister Ghassan Al-Zamel said that same day that the power would be limited and rationed until the pipeline is repaired and normal operations fully resume.

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Zamel stated that the Deir Ali station, which lies south-east of Damascus, generates and supplies half of the country’s power, making the site of vital importance to the regime and the territories under its control.

Despite the military and territorial defeat of Daesh in 2019 by a variety of forces including the United States and its international coalition, the group still operates through dormant cells scattered throughout Syria and Iraq.

Those cells launch attacks on both regime and opposition forces, and last month killed six Syrian officers.

In neighbouring Iraq, the Baghdad government and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the northern autonomous region launched a joint military campaign last week against Daesh, in an effort to eliminate the group’s elements and cells in remote areas.

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