David Hogg’s Going to Harvard! The Kid’s Going to Make It!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

College, in general, is a waste of time.

The original function of college – to give idle aristocrats’ sons time to read Shakespeare, play amateur sports and get drunk before returning to their estates to be idle again and drunk again – is not well-suited to modern times.

That being said, I am proud of David Hogg for getting into Harvard. It’s not easy for a White kid to pull that off, nowadays.


Gun control activist David Hogg announced Saturday that he has been officially accepted to Harvard University.

On December 22, Hogg announced his Harvard acceptance on Twitter: 

See, the kid wasn’t smart enough to get in on his grades. So he got clever with his application. After all, college admissions are both an IQ and a values test. And a Judaism test as well, if we’re being honest here. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but Jews are vastly over-represented at elite colleges because of their legendary ethnic nepotism. When confronted about it, they claim it is an IQ issue (although Jews generally claim a relationship between race and IQ doesn’t exist, they will conversely also claim racial superiority in this area), though that has been fully disproved using public data.

And Hogg didn’t have any of that going for him.

He was just a middling IQ kid. A poorly proportioned middling IQ white kid at that.

He had those luscious locks going for him too though, let’s be fair.

So he got creative. 

Capitalizing on the death of his classmates at the hands of Jewish Goblin and mass-terrorist Nicholas Cruz was a bold move.

The true function of college nowadays is indoctrination. Furthermore, it’s a ticket to membership in the management class. Hogg proved that what he lacked in cleverness, he made up for in revolutionary zeal. Those college admissions essays, those extracurriculars and your test scores – all of it serves to pick out people who are ambitious, clever and ideologically committed to the Judeo-Globo-Homo agenda.

You won’t make much money, and you won’t get much pussy, but your life won’t be particularly hard either. Also, you get to feel better than White proles, which is really the whole appeal of the position in the first place.

And Hogg really earned that spot. 

Admittedly, there are plenty of STEM professions out there that seem to be well-paid. I think. I wouldn’t really know. Most people who do them tend to just disappear into their jobs, and are never heard from again, so reports are sketchy. They also do not reproduce because women prefer to join SoundCloud rappers’ harems instead of hubbying up with reliable betas…

Even the ultra-Jew beta male MASTER Zuckerberg was forced to marry a low-tier mailorder panface with terrible posture. His femjew classmates were too busy deepthroating Tyrone to take notice of the fact that this Jew was headed for the big time. 

While Hogg isn’t going to reproduce, he’s not going to have to do any hard math again in his life. 

So yeah, congrats again, big guy.

Better to be a Marxist firebrand soldier ant than a calculator-punching little office worm, right?


And let’s be clear here. This kid stood absolutely no chance of making it into Harvard without his bold move. In fact, I’m almost 100% sure that this was all a big PR stunt to get into an Ivy League school concocted by Hogg, his FBI dad and Anderson Cooper.

To which I have to say: who are we to judge, really?

I would probably do the same if I were in Hogg’s spot. 

Harvard is Harvard after all. If I had to step over and use the still-warm bodies of my classmates as a prop to get into an Ivy League school, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would go right ahead and do that. In fact, I might even give them a little kick as I hop-skipped right on over.

Life is a competition, folks. A rat race. A dog eat dog world.

And if you don’t like it, well then you can fuck right off, loser.

Because my boy Hogg is going to Harvard!

Source Article from https://dailystormer.name/david-hoggs-going-to-harvard-the-kids-going-to-make-it/

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