Days of Rage Protest at the RNC: FBI & Police Go Big Brother

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Various law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have begun knocking on the doors of local activists in order to gage the momentum of protests and demonstrations planned for the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Ohio.

The FBI calls it a “community outreach” to ensure the convention is “safe and secure”; however protesters say this “door-knock” intrusion is “intimidating”.

For months now, Roger Stone, oppositional research and former member of the Trump entourage, has been talking about and planning the “days of rage” with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Stealing the name and ideas from the Weatherman Underground, a communist group who enacted a violent demonstration in Chicago in 1969, Stone and Jones “will stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”

Appearing on Jones’ radio show, Stone has encouraged listeners to contact RNC officials and other delegates attending the convention by gong to their hotel rooms – and even offered to provide that information for those willing to harass and intimidate delegates in the name of Donald Trump.

Stone told another right wing internet broadcaster: “”If you’re from Pennsylvania, we’ll tell you who the culprits are. We urge you to visit their hotel and find them. You have a right to discuss this, if you voted in the Pennsylvania primary, for example, and your votes are being disallowed.”

In response to these blatant threats, law enforcement is taking no chances. Those planning to protest the RNC are being asked “about past addresses, political and social affiliations and plans” for the convention.

The activists themselves are fighting back with a workshop for all attendees called “Know You Rights” in order to educate protesters on pseudo-legal tactics on preserving their free speech rights.

Other measures to protect the RNC have fallen short. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit to protect the rights of the protesters.

The plan for the Quicken Loans Arena (QLA) was to set up an “event zone” where protesters and demonstrations could happen; however that concept was stricken down by a federal judge as being unconstitutional.

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