DC On Lockdown: Is this what preparation for the largest false flag in US history, orchestrated with the intention of sparking a civil war looks like?

Washington DC has gone into a total lockdown ahead of Inauguration Day, with all-out martial law being implemented in response to FBI warnings of widespread violence being planned by right wing extremists. Having deemed thestorming of the Capitol led by Capitol police and shady actors including national socialists, skinheads and BLM activists on January 6to be a ‘violent insurrection’, and with the FBI and establishment news outlets all warning of a bigger wave of violence being planned by the same characters on and around Inauguration Day, an ever growing number of National Guard troops are being deployed to DC, the number of troops now occupying DChaving reached a whopping 21,000!

Screenshot_2021-01-17 2017 Redux DC Descends Into Dystopian Lockdown As Inauguration Day Looms .png

With so many red flags surrounding the storming of the Capitol pointing towards an orchestrated false flag ushering in the new ‘war on domestic terror’, the FBI’s internal memo describing a plan by extremists to initiate a nationwide…

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