Democrats Preview Their Resistance Contortions Over MAGAnomics

Democrats Preview Their Resistance Contortions Over MAGAnomics

The Last Refuge
December 3, 2018

This is a painful, albeit rather telling, interview to watch. Matt Cartwright has not had the time to fully digest how to be a good resistance member, whereby he simultaneously argues for and against the economic and trade policies of President Trump.

On domestic economic policies, specifically trade, President Trump is essentially carrying out all of the objectives of the blue-dog (moderate) Democrat party. However, now the resist we much overlay creates a pretzel dynamic for those same democrats. They are for the policies, but must oppose the person carrying out those policies. This is a goofy preview of what is to come in 2019.

Lost but not invisible in the Cartwright angst is any acceptance that President Obama never cancelled NAFTA; nor did President Obama ever challenge the one-way economics of China; both of these confrontations and resets are favored by the new co-chair of the democrat platform committee. but favored/not-favored when Trump does it.

As an outcome of supporting/not supporting, policies they support/dont support, what surfaces is a word salad mixed up faster than a bar blender.

NAFTA bad and USMCA better/not-better. NAFTA labor constructs horrible, and USMCA better/not-better; and ending with something about infrastructure spending that Democrats refused to engage in discussing throughout 2018, because the economy is on the precipice of an invisible recession, or something.

All the growth in factory investment and manufacturing jobs; as well as the lowest unemployment in 50-years means the economy is coming to an immediate collapse.

Tariffs are bad, they are creating too many U.S. jobs.

75% required North American content in USMCA is bad it creates too many U.S. jobs.

The furniture industry might return; the electronics manufacturing industry is certainly returning; Speaker Pelosi and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka shout: damn you Trump and all of this expanded U.S. manufacturing job growth. Aiiieeeee.

Democrats want to argue for more restrictions on imports? Alright, alright, alright Lucky Day, Lucky Day!

WhaFaSau? or something similar.

The democrats need new linguistics that explain upside-down counter-reality doublespeak words that can invert themselves and become something favorable to the resistance.

The bottom-line is. On the domestic economic agenda, Democrats have no actual point of opposition that President Trump is not likely to embrace. Dont like the USMCA? Okay, kill it, remember NAFTA bad, and well go for something even more America First.

But wait wha, huh?

President Trump directly supports middle-class U.S. workers more than any Democrat President ever has. You want more support for middle-class workers? Okay, spank me long time bad panda lets go for it.

Hate Wall Street, or at least need to do the pretend to hate Wall Street thing? Hey, #MeToo smiles POTUS! President Trump has clearly shown support for Main Street over Wall Street thats what America First is all about.

MAGA Trump hates the multinationals and favors the credit unions. Lets roll !

Democrats are in a really unusual economic space with the dimension of their resistance. They dont want to give President Trump any wins, but hes working on almost all of their claimed objectives for middle-class workers. If they come at Trump with legislation that benefits the U.S. economy/worker; hes all good with that.

So now what will they do?

Pass the word-salad blender, please.

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