Detroit mother challenges totalitarian police state by refusing to give her daughter deadly antipsychotic medication

(NaturalNews) Maryanne Godboldo, a mother from Detroit, never imagined that her decision to wean her young daughter off psychotropic drugs would result in a 10-hour long standoff with police, five days in jail and a six year legal battle with the City and Child Protective Services.

Godboldo’s horrific and painful ordeal began in 2009, after her 11-year-old daughter Ariana suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine, according to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

The girl was born with a defective leg, which required amputation below the knee. Due to her disability, Godboldo homeschooled Ariana, during which time she watched her flourish in a variety of extracurricular activities, including horseback riding, swimming, dancing and piano lessons.

As she grew older, Ariana began to express interest in attending public school. Eventually her mother agreed, but Ariana suffered an adverse reaction after receiving the immunizations required by her school. Several behavioral changes ensued, “radically” changing Ariana’s personality.

Vaccine injury leads to child being drugged with psychotropic drugs

In 2010, Godboldo sought help from Detroit’s New Oakland Center, which provides mental health services to children, teens, adults and families.

imageThey quickly asserted that vaccines were not to blame, and instead prescribed the girl Risperdal, a dangerous anti-psychotic that’s heavily linked to an increased risk of death, heart problems, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, blood disorders, cognitive decline and a host of other side-effects.

Nearly 40 studies around the globe have identified dangerous health effects associated with Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and children with autism.

Godboldo obtained a parental consent form allowing her to discontinue Ariana’s use of the drug at any time. After observing that her daughter’s condition had worsened while on the drug, she consulted with another physician who carefully helped wean Ariana off the Risperdal.

Nearly 10 months after she first saw a psychiatrist, Ariana was diagnosed with encephalitis, a vaccine-induced condition causing swelling on the brain.

When the New Oakland Center learned that Godboldo had taken her daughter off Risperdal, several therapists and child psychologists reported her to social services, which demanded that the child remain on the drug.

CPS and Detroit police illegally break into mom’s home

When Godboldo refused, social services, accompanied by the Detroit Police, issued an illegal order on March 24, 2011 to enter the family’s home and remove Ariana; a 10 hour standoff with a SWAT team ensued. Godboldo says the police refused to present the “order” they claimed to have, and, as a result, she shut the door and told them to leave.

But they didn’t. Instead, they used a crowbar to break into the home, never presenting a search warrant. Barricaded in the back of her home, Godboldo placed frantic calls to community leaders begging for help.

On March 25, she surrendered her daughter, after police and CPS workers agreed to place Ariana temporarily with a family member, promising she would not be drugged – but that turned out to be a bald-faced lie.

The girl was removed from the home and placed in a state juvenile psychiatric facility, where psychiatrist George Mellos drugged Ariana with Risperdal, from which she had carefully been weaned under close medical supervision. Mellos prescribed the medicine without ever having viewed the girl’s medical records or receiving parental consent.

CPS uses fake order to remove girl from mother’s care

Godboldo was arrested and spent five days in jail. Authorities refused to tell her where her daughter was. When she finally located Ariana, the girl was drugged, drooling and incoherent. But the girl was weaned off the drug once more, after Godboldo’s attorney, Allison Folmar, presented a court order to cease the medication.

All charges against Godboldo, which included eight felony counts, were dismissed, and the police order was deemed invalid, resulting in Ariana’s release from the psychiatric facility. She was placed with her aunt until Godboldo regained custody four months later.

(Please visit Godboldo’s GoFundMe page – she needs your help now).

The court found that the illegal “order” used to kidnap Ariana from her home was nothing more than a “writ” issued and rubber-stamped by CPS, reports CHHR – no judge had ever viewed or approved it.

Although Godboldo signed an informed consent form “guaranteeing her the right to stop the medication at any time … these assurances and the law behind Godboldo” did not stop CPS from moving “forward with the assault—a State policy that apparently has been terminated.”

City of Detroit relentlessly terrorizes innocent mom

The Michigan Department of Human Services says that children will no longer be removed from homes for the reason Ariana was.

“Medication – CPS is not responsible for investigating complaints that allege parents are failing or refusing to provide their children with psychotropic medication such as Ritalin.”

Folmar says the change is likely in response to the Godboldo’s situation, which isn’t over. Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy “has made it her mission to continue to attack this woman,” reports The Daily Sheeple.

The City has reportedly filed five appeals in the case, which is on “stay,” including a lawsuit filed against Detroit by Godboldo, who has gone bankrupt fighting the continued appeals.

“They are continuing to try and put Maryanne in prison for standing up and refusing to let police into her home,” said Folmar. “We won at the district level and the judge saw the case for what it is … the illegal conduct of police.

Folmar says they need help getting the word out because this case affects everyone. “Forcing medication down parents throats and literally the throats of children cannot be tolerated. This is about parents’ rights to be able to protect their children.”

Folmar believes that the continued interest in Godboldo “is about them sending a message. They are scrambling for some justification of their wrong-doing.”

To help Godboldo in her exhausting battle against the City of Detroit, please donate to her legal fund here.


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