Did Einstein’s Wife "Discover" Relativity?


January 22, 2016



Mileva Einstein-Marity, since divorced from Albert, extorted the Nobel Prize monies from Einstein, and he paid them to her in full. Given the public scandal surrounding Einstein’s plagiarism of the theory of relativity from Poincare, Lorentz, Soldner, Gerber and others, the Nobel Committee was obliged to expressly state that the prize was awarded, “irrespective of such value which, after eventual substantiation, may be assigned to his relativity and gravitational theories”. They instead awarded Einstein’s Nobel Prize for the law of the photo-electric effect, but also awarded Robert Andrews Millikan the Nobel Prize in 1923 for the very same thing!
The General Theory of Relativity was genuinely exciting for physicists, mathematicians and engineers, but did it rate the Messianic cult of Einstein that persisted for seventy years?   Even when I was a boy in the 1960’s the name Einstein was synonymous with “genius”.   When he died, the press anxiously interviewed the doctor who dissected Einstein’s brain.  Newspapers from all over country wired Associated Press to obtain photos of Einstein’s brain.  Einstein was the most overrated ‘science celebrity’ of his time .  Of course now they are as common as Viagra commercials:  Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and so on.   The common denominator is MEDIA.  Einstein’s disproportionate fame was generated primarily by the papers and newsreels, and later, by the New York Times, TIME and all the magazines.  On CBS he was God – or at least a scientific Moses. 

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