Dirty Dindu UN Whining About Violence Against Women During Corona Lockdown

You can always count on stupid and useless organizations like the UN to whine about laughable and fake issues like violence against women.


Reports from countries in every region suggest that restrictions in movement, social isolation, coupled with increased social and economic pressures are leading to an increase in violence in the home.

UN News spoke to the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed about the issue, what is being done, and what governments, the UN, and others can do to prevent and address this abuse. 

Before this pandemic broke out, statistics showed that one in three women will experience violence in their lives. In Papua New Guinea, where I commemorated International Women’s Day last month, the rate is even higher, at two in three. 

My concern today is for all women across the world who are suffering even more now due to the extra economic and social stresses caused by a radical shift away from normal life. This stress is leading to an increased danger of violence. It’s clear that when women and girls are ‘locked down’ in their homes with abusive partners, they are at much greater risk than ever before.

This upsurge in violence is not limited to one country or one region. Media reports are documenting an increase in violence across the globe – from Argentina, to China, Germany, Turkey, Honduras, South Africa the United Kingdom and the United States to name just a few. In Malaysia calls have doubled and in France they are up 32 per cent.  In Lebanon calls to the helpline were double in March of this year as they were in the same month last year. 

And the worry is that these figures only reflect reporting. Domestic violence is typically grossly under-reported. In the case of restricted movement and limited privacy, women are finding it difficult to phone for help. So, the likelihood is that even these figures represent only a fraction of the problem. They are also reflective of countries that have reporting systems in place. The availability of data is not the same everywhere, particularly in developing countries.

You’ll notice that in all of these “reports” coming out of globalist bullhorns like the UN or EU, the assumption is always that the women are on the receiving end of the violence in households. This assumption is due to the hateful female supremacist attitude of such man-hating organizations.

The truth is that the women are the ones who usually initiate the violence by throwing something at their partner. Women are very good at this trick. They will often get right up in your face screaming obscenities at you, goading you to hit them. Obviously, they can easily just strike you first forcing you to retaliate, and then tell the police that you hit first, which the faggot police will immediately believe because their official policy is believe women.

Women are milking this domestic violence hoax for all it’s worth. This is how they control men and get the men in their lives to do what they want. In many European countries, special laws exist to punish men who’re accused of slapping up their partners with extraordinarily harsh sentences, and women are using these laws to punish their boyfriends and husbands after an argument. Women are so vengeful that they will lie and say they were beaten when it was just an argument that the woman probably started herself.

Governments are permitting these extreme abuses of the legal system by women because their ultimate objective is to drive men and women away from monogamous relationships so that men and women of white racial stock are not reproducing. They’re telling the women that all men are violent rapists and wife beaters, and encouraging them to wantonly lie about abuse. In turn, fewer and fewer men will enter relationships with women fearing such legal retribution. White men are the real victims here.

All of this is a Jewish-Globalist plot to reduce the white birth rate to zero.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/04/07/dirty-dindu-un-whining-about-violence-against-women-during-corona-lockdown/

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