Discussion: Empowerment, cash ban, gender theory

Individualism and prosperity. Photo: LPO

An individual who eagerly faces reality, while striving to make their own life the highest moral purpose, will demand the freedom to think, speak and pursue their own happiness.

To follow reason is to reject emotions, faith, or any form of authoritarianism as guides in life.

Alternative thinkers must break free of the mental chains imposed by fear-based propaganda and accept their own rational minds as an absolute when comprehending the control structure. 

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News and General Maddox from Real News Australia discuss top stories during the season hiatus and stepping outside of the victimhood mentality in pursuit of truth and enlightenment.



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Committee rejects facial recognition legislation | TOTT News

Cash ban continues against inquiry advice | TOTT News

Queensland mandating gender theory curriculum? | TOTT News

Revealed: 5G Tower Installer Shocking Statements | Real News Australia 

Do you see yourself as a victim? | TOTT News

In Search of Truth: Beyond the Red Pill | TOTT News

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Individualism and prosperity. Photo: LPO An individual who eagerly faces reality, while striving to make
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