Dog Survives 30 Feet Fall From a Dumpster at Garbage Incinerator Facility

We all know cats always land on their feet no matter where they fall from, but that’s not the case with dogs, unfortunately.

A canine that now goes by the name Donut experienced severe fall from a dumpster right inside a garbage incinerator facility. Surviving the 30 feet fall is a real miracle and people say how Donut is very fortunate to be alive.

Once he was discovered by one of the workers who jumped inside the trash to get him out of there, the rescuers at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) were contacted. They soon took Donut under their care.

However, the poor animal suffered severe injuries. He ended up with multiple cuts and punctures, most of which in his front legs. After he was taken to the vet’s, it was discovered that some of the wounds were older, which meant Donut had been neglected before. On top of that, he was emaciated.

“It was discovered at the ER that Donut had injuries both consistent with his fall from the dumpster as well as wounds believed to have happened before Monday morning (mainly bite wounds),” BARCS wrote. “His front legs are very hurt and he is unable to walk on his own. Donut remains under emergency care and will likely need surgery for one or both of his legs.”

What was very special about Donut is that his ordeal didn’t break his spirit.

He was in pain and unable to walk, but he still got to wag his tail as a thank you for being given a second chance at life. Believe it or not, this sweet dog gave his rescuers licks and kisses whenever they would get near him.

“While Donut physically looked like he was too far gone, he showed us that he still had hope by wagging his tail and trying to move his face close to ours for comfort,” BARCS wrote. “Everyone who helped him Monday morning keeps talking about how all Donut wants to do is give kisses.”

Donut is now living with a foster family that is with him in every step of his way to complete recovery. No one really knows how Donut ended up in the dumpster in the first place, but what is most important is that he’s thriving and is doing better and better with each passing day. The rescue organization will do all they can to cover the expenses of Donut’s treatments. In case you want to donate, visit BARCS’ website.

“We don’t know what events led up to Donut being found on the incinerator plant floor yesterday,” rescuers concluded. “Could someone have purposely have thrown him away in those dumpsters? Or did he wander or fall in there on his own? Whatever the circumstance, sweet Donut is now safe—and very lucky to be alive.”

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