DOJ sends three US marshals to G2 Church to halt sales of chlorine dioxide

Image: DOJ sends three US marshals to G2 Church to halt sales of chlorine dioxide

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For the “crime” of selling chlorine dioxide and other concoctions that some say are beneficial in ridding the body of disease-causing pathogens, Genesis 2 Church in Florida was recently targeted by three United States marshals who ordered that the organization stop selling its products immediately.

Video footage of the incident that was captured by the church’s Bishop Mark and uploaded to Brighteon shows one of the marshals nailing a cease and desist order to the door of the church facility. Bishop Mark is heard behind the camera petitioning his First Amendment rights in the matter, but to no avail.

The incident took place on April 17, and Bishop Mark says it occurred because G2 Church claims that its sacraments can cure, heal, or otherwise eliminate coronavirus from the body within 1-3 days, based on alleged testimonies from church “members” who say they’ve successfully used these products for healing.

G2 Church says it’s also compiling studies about its products that back these health claims, though this still isn’t allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which requires that all products with associated health claims undergo testing and approval by the FDA itself in order to be designated as legal drugs.

“This is church property … and this is illegal here because this is church property,” Bishop Mark is heard telling the marshals, each of whom identified himself simply as “deputy.” “The Constitution, the First Amendment, says that Congress shall make no law” against G2 Church’s religious sacraments, Bishop Mark added in his rebuke.

Should G2 Church be stopped from selling these healing products?

As the marshals continued about their business, Bishop Mark further reminded them that what they were there to do constitutes harassment, and violates many constitutional tenets. Further, there’s nowhere in the Constitution that allows government agents to interfere with or prohibit the exercise of religion.

But this is what these jackboots effectively did by trespassing on G2 Church’s property without permission, and ordering it to stop administering its sacraments. And Bishop Mark wasn’t about to let it all happen without at least speaking out and reminding them that this was an act of tyranny.

“You guys should search your souls,” Bishop Mark told the marshal who affixed the warning on the door of the church. “This is a sovereign church right here … and you are going to be followed up.”

“You should stay away from here because we have the protection of God himself,” he added. “Jesus Christ is Lord, and you have no power here.”

At the G2 Church website, you’ll see it stated that “this is not a religious church.” You’ll also see the group’s creed, which is “to provide health & healing to people.”

The church also explains that “if you have cancer, osteoporosis, RA (rheumatoid arthritis), arthritis, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, lupus, [lyme] disease, shingles, herpes, (or) HIV, then this site is for you.”

Listed as available products on the site are “sacramental cleansing water” (SCW), which is also labeled as MMS; HCL activator; and DMSO, along with instructions about how to combine the sacramental cleansing water with the 5 percent HCL activator to make your own chlorine dioxide (CD) at home.

“It has a negative charge,” the site explains about the resulting solution. “Pathogens, especially the microbes that are in cancer cells, have a positive charge. DMSO is a carrier and an anti-inflammatory.”

“When DMSO is used with SCW, it carries it almost instantly throughout the body and it opens up the pores of the cancer cells and allows the CD to easily enter into the cell. Once there, it oxidizes the microbe and kills it. CD is attracted to pathogens and kills them instantly. 98% percent of all diseases are caused by pathogens.”

The site specifically states that SCW “cures nothing,” but rather kills pathogens that cause disease. When these pathogens are dead, in other words, the body’s immune system “can heal itself.”

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