Dolphin serial killer: Third mammal shot and stabbed to death in sick Florida attack

The hunters, who attempted to hide their actions underneath canopied tarps, chased the pod of dolphins into the cove on fishing boats, where they then drew nets across the mouth, trapping the animals inside.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was captured in February 2019 by Dolphin Project, which campaigns to end the annual Taiji hunts.

The hunters began by chasing the sea creatures into the cove by lowering metal poles into the water and then banging on them with hammers, which creates a “wall of sound” that disorients the dolphins, before trapping them inside with a net.

The animals were then ushered towards the back of the cove, where the hunters had suspended large beige tarps over the water to shield themselves from photographers as they began to slaughter the 32 striped dolphins.

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