Donald Trump Says He ‘Called’ the Crash of mid-September 2008, But Here’s What Really Happened

The Ugly Truth

Blindsided like most of America, the developer avoided financial ruin only with bluster and a bizarre lawsuit.

ed note–an older story posted as a follow up to the discussion taking place on last night’s broadcast where the question was raised whether or not the Israeli-engineered financial crash occurring in mid-September, 2008 that resulted in Trump losing a substantial amount of his personal holdings may have led to his decision to run for the Presidency as part of his own personal desire to render a little ‘payback’ to the NeoCons who caused him to lose billion$ as a result of their war plans.

Please note carefully those sections in red and pay particular attention to–

1. The seriousness of the losses that Trump incurred as a result of the Zionist-engineered crash of the US Money Market accounts on 9/11/2008,


2. His SPECIFICALLY singling out the disastrous NeoCon war in Iraq…

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