Dr. Duke and MacDonald Expose the Hateful Jewish Onslaught in Regard to Trump University

David Duke
June 7,2016


Today Dr. Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald discussed the question of whether the Mexican heritage of the judge in the Trump University case is a relevant issue. They pointed out that Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs to an activist organization of Hispanic lawyers. They noted that Supreme Court Judge Sotomayor described herself as a “wise Latina” whose heritage impacts her decision making. So the idea that Judge Curiel’s self-identification as a Latino could impact his conduct should not be controversial.

They then went on to discuss what a huge impact that Jewish heritage has on the activities of Jewish public officials. The Neocons who dragged us into unending wars in the Middle East, for instance, mostly had very strong Jewish identities and close ties to Israel. They also talked about the growing awareness of Jewish power and ethnocentrism, with internet trolls and aps like the “coincident detector” helping point out the Jewish identities of so many prominent people who otherwise would fly below the Jewdar.

This is a great show. Please share it widely.


Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/dr-duke-and-macdonald-expose-the-hateful-jewish-onslaught-in-regard-to-trump-university/

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