Dumb Rapper T.I. Says Atlanta is “Wakanda,” Backs Nation-Wide Chimp Out

Dumb negro supremacist rapper T.I. has declared Atlanta “Wakanda” (a reference to a blacks-only nation) and has supported the nation-wide negroid chimp out.

T.I. fashions himself a modern-day Malcolm-X, except he’s significantly less intelligent than Mr. X.

T.I. is an aging rapper who has decided to milk negroid victimhood culture for shekels. He wants black uneducated hood rats with a chip on their collective shoulder to pay him to be their “leader” as he cries about the “black condition”. This is literally just a big scam that aging and increasingly irrelevant negro celebrities use to create new revenue streams.

T.I. is a wealthy negro steeped in privilege. He made a fine living selling black people and racially-confused degenerate white wiggers atrocious monkey music. And now he wants to ride this latest wave of Afro-Simian chimp-outs to maintain his cultural relevance.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/05/31/dumb-rapper-t-i-says-atlanta-is-wakanda-backs-nation-wide-chimp-out/

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