Elementary Law About the Holiness of Property

Renegade Editor’s Note: There are many people who like to say the “Nazis” are just like the Communists, but this is fundamentally untrue. Karl Marx said, “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property,” and the National Socialists were very much in favor of property rights.

Translated from the original Third Reich publication of SS-Oberabschnitt West – “Die Ordensgesetze der SS” (1938) – by Kameradin Lina

9th November 1936

  1. To our ancestors the property of the others was holy and untouchable. For example, a bundle of hay was a clear sign to not permit the trespassing over someone’s field.
  2. During our unfortunate German history and especially in the after-war years and inflation period the notion of property and strict laws about fairness, non-corruption, sincerity and holiness of entrusted property have blurred.
  3. Theft, tricks, fraud and waste of entrusted public means are still everyday reality in Germany. The laws sadly punish such crimes only in a limited way. Significant parts of the German nation and also many members of the SS take the crimes against written and non-written laws about property too easy.
  4. In my opinion we shall return to these views of our ancestors in the SS and not only handle so that we would not break any present law but also would not break any of those firm not-written laws of our nation. I feel it is a shame for us Germans and especially for SS-men when in other countries as for example Scandinavia or Japan everyone can leave his property freely in a public place because he knows that no one from his nation would steal it. We would want to introduce this knowledge, decency and habits into our ranks of the SS and live them as an example.
  5. I therefore order that from 1st December 1936 on in all accommodation buildings of SS troops the locks on lockets would be removed. Service and secret directives which regulate the manipulation of things which we got from our enemies should still remain valid when it is appropriate according to special orders of the SS main leadership.
  6. These especially important basic questions called to attention in this law should be often a subject of education and friendly reminding. After a short time it must be a self-evident thing for every SS member that he would not take anything from his comrade, from something so unimportant as a cigarette to precious valuables.
  7. Also I expect from all the SS members that they would deal with the service money and service objects with great but not too exaggerated preciseness and in all cases when there is no regulation they should decide in accordance with their conscience.
  8. In the future I will handle all offences against the property and honour with the strictest punishments.

From the spirit of our organization I expect that very soon no punishments of such kind will be necessary as men who go against the holiness of property will not be in the SS in the future anymore.

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