Epstein’s Lawyers Oppose Official Suicide Ruling, Will Pursue ‘Independent’ Probe

Alas, the speculation will continue.

Matters have not necessarily been helped by the fact that the Epstein family has retained the services of celebrity pathologist and cul-de-sac gatekeeper, Dr. Michael Baden, to further investigate the reported suicide of billionaire and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. We’re told that Baden had “helped investigate” the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., as well as weighing on the trials of both O.J. Simpson and Phil Specter, and the death of John Belushi and others.

Many are now demanding answers. The new reality of this story is that the untimely death of the Epstein in his federal jail cell has further muddied what was meant to be a sex-trafficking conspiracy case, potentially shifting attention instead to a ‘public indictment’ of the US federal prison system.

This week, Epstein’s legal defense team has patently rejected the official “suicide” ruling by government officials.

RT International reports…

The legal team of Jeffrey Epstein said they disagree with the medical examiner’s ruling that their client hanged himself. Promising their own investigation into his death, they have demanded CCTV footage from his prison cell.

“No one should die in jail,” the lawyers said in statement, which blasts the conditions in which Epstein was held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York as “harsh, even medieval.”

Lawyers were “not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner” on the cause of death of the alleged multi-millionaire, who stood accused of sex-trafficking underage girls. The examiner said that Epstein committed suicide in his cell on August 10 by using bedsheets to make an improvised noose.

The death swiftly prompted conspiracy theories alleging that Epstein was murdered by some of his high-profile friends over fears that his testimony could expose their involvement in the pedophile ring. What fueled the theories was public disbelief that such a notorious figure could have been left unguarded, especially after a previous attempt to take his own life.

In order to find out what really happened, the lawyers said they will conduct their “own independent and complete investigation” into Epstein’s death. They promised to take legal action to gain access to the “pivotal videos” from the prison “if they exist as they should.”

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Source Article from https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/08/18/epsteins-lawyers-oppose-official-suicide-ruling-pursuing-independent-probe/

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