Eric Trump Is ‘Sickened’ By Political Families Enriching Themselves

President Donald Trump's son Eric Trump complained about political families enriching themselves, saying "it is sickening", before claiming he would "be in jail" if he behaved like Hunter Biden.

President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump complained about political families enriching themselves, saying “it is sickening“, before claiming he would “be in jail” if he behaved like Hunter Biden.

It can’t happen in politics on any side of the aisle,” Trump, who is a vice president of his father’s company the Trump Organization, stated in an interview Saturday with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

During the interview, Trump and Pirro complained about former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden serving on the boards of numerous companies and international organizations.

The president’s son argued that he’d “be in jail” if he was behaving in the same manner as Biden’s son. “Why is it that every family in politics enriches themselves?” Trump asked. “It is sickening.”

In stark contrast to the Bidens, President Trump has lost a substantial chunk of his fortune since taking office.

President Trump is on record saying that leading the United States is costing him a fortune, but it’s “worth every penny.” 

Trump said during an interview on Fox News in October last year that while some critics have accused him of using the presidency to add to his wealth, “I’ll bet you I’ve lost billions of dollars” since taking office. 

The president made the comment after “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade asked “Do you ever say to yourself, ‘Why do I need this?’

I said to one of my friends, a very wealthy friend, I said, ‘You know, I’ll bet you it cost me $2 or 3 billion and it’s worth every penny of it,’” Trump said. “I don’t need the money and it’s worth every penny because I’m doing so much for the country.” 

Forbes estimates that as of September 2018, Trump was worth about $3.1 billion. Earlier in the year, the publication said Trump had likely lost about $400 million in net worth since taking office. 

Yes, it’s nasty. It’s vicious. It’s incredible. The false reporting is so incredible. Honestly, I’m doing a great job. That’s why I have these crowds,” he said. “It really is worth it, because look, I’ve done a great job. If I didn’t do a great job, I would have said, ‘Wow, that was a mistake.‘” 

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