EUROPEAN SPRING: Italy’s Salvini Warns Germany and France an Uprising is Coming

Italy’s anti-establishment deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has issued an indirect warning to Germany and France that a ‘European Spring’ is imminent. The Euroskeptic leader believes that Poland could join Italy in leading the rest of Europe from their current subservient role under German and French dominance – towards a positive economic and political future.

Speaking at a press conference with Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński this week in Warsaw, Salvini described Poland and Italy as key actors who should “be part of the new spring of Europe, the renaissance of European values” in order to create a “new equilibrium,” or ‘new order’ in Europe.

Salvini’s party, the Northern League, swept into power after forming a coalition government this past summer with Italy’s ‘Five Star Movement,’ an alternative political party founded by comedian Beppe Grillo. Salvini’s Italian block drew the ire of French government officials when they openly backed France Yellow Vest insurrection.

Europe’s ‘rich north’ should be worried. Currently, both Angela Merkel and Emanuel Macron are under fire and struggling for legitimacy in the face of massive public opposition to what their electorate believe are failing policies on immigration and unsustainable runaway taxation by the state in the face of a rising cost of living.

This past week, France’s Yellow Vest Movement has intensified well beyond what was seen over Christmas, as the government braces itself for a new round of unrest this weekend.

Many EU member states are facing similar situations, based on similar underlying structural problems. Millions of citizens throughout Europe are now beginning to realize there are no economic prospects for moving forward, but more crucially – they’re now realizing to what extent they have lost their national sovereignty in deference to Brussels.

Watch this space.

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