Evil Black Bastard Van Jones Says All White People Carry ‘Mind Virus’ Of Not Worshipping Negroes

A mind virus is causing all white people to not worship, genuflect and perform ritualistic oral sex on the superior black race, Van Jones explained on CNN.

Even white liberals, asserted Jones, carry this mental malaise and can’t be forgiven for the crime of whiteness despite sincere pandering to the Afro-Simian race.

Not sucking the STD-ridden penis of each and every black male in America is proof that white people are all racist sociopaths hellbent on exterminating blacks, right goyim?

Get down and suck my cock you white bigot!

Any white person who refuses to inhale my African willy is a racist.

This hate-filled declaration by Van Jones should serve as a stark message to all shit-eating white liberals that no matter how hard they pander and acquiesce to the black race, it will not spare them from their wrath. They will still eat you alive because you’re white and thus a white devil who deserves nothing less than death, in their primitive minds.

White liberals who fail to heed this negroid threat and join the Alt-Right in our mission to liberate the white race from the Afro-Simian peril will rightfully get swept away and devoured by the negro hordes.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/05/30/evil-black-bastard-van-jones-says-all-white-people-carry-mind-virus-of-not-worshipping-negroes/

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