Ex-Nexivm Members Describe Clinton-Connected Satanic Cult


The Dalai Lama appeared in Albany in 2009 for a $1 million payment from NXIVM.

As NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere awaits sentencing in January for his convictions on sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering charges, insiders from Raniere’s inner circle are coming forward to tell the full story of the global child-trafficking operation based in Albany, New York. The deaths or disappearances of four women close to Raniere raise questions, and family members of the women are demanding answers.

Folks, this is the Illuminati – Satanist child sex traffickers and ritual murders.  They were financed by Bronfman heiresses and were closely connected to Hillary Clinton.  

Like Jeffrey Epstein, Nxivm Sex Cult is Tip of Illuminati Iceberg 

Former Nxivm Members Describe Clinton Connected Satanic Cult 

by Patrick Howsley 

(Excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

Former members and employees of the NXIVM cult told National File that NXIVM was centrally involved in human smuggling from Central America and Mexico, that it practiced Luciferian Satanism, and communicated to the Clintons and other top politicians through emissaries employed by the cult.

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s lobbyist father was an employee and her stepmother, who also happens to be her first cousin, was an active member. The Dalai Lama was paid to give the cult credibility.

Ex-members describe the key role played by Emiliano Salinas, son of the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The human experiments performed on children at the cult’s Rainbow Cultural Garden daycare centers — located in Central America, Mexico, the United States, and Europe – underscore the pain NXIVM inflicted on its helpless victims.

Raniere’s financier Clare Bronfman, daughter of Seagram liquor baron and Jeffrey Epstein friend and employer Edgar Bronfman, pleaded guilty to enabling credit card fraud and harboring an illegal immigrant.

The cult’s president Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. Actress Allison Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. The cult leaders stored Chuck Schumer’s financial records – though the records were found to be at least mostly inaccurate — and Hillary Clinton’s emails, which they obtained by placing a key logger virus on Edgar Bronfman’s computer, for their own political purposes. Sara Bronfman, Clare’s sister, and another cult leader, has not been charged.

“NXIVM, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman engaged in a wholesale racketeering enterprise which in large part was harboring illegal aliens for financial profit. The racket was: once they had them in, they engaged in fraud. They basically enslaved them,” Frank Parlato, a former consultant to NXIVM, told National File. Parlato set out to expose NXIVM and became the foremost whistleblower in the case, revealing that the cult was branding Raniere’s initials on women.

Parlato’s documentary “The Lost Women of NXIVM,” delving into the deaths or disappearances of four women linked to Raniere or the cult, premieres on Investigation Discovery on December 8 at 9 PM ET.


(left, Raniere and Clare Bronfman listen raptly to Dalai Lama) 

“When they filed the application for the visa, Clare Bronfman was the major perpetrator,” Parlato said of the cult’s immigration scam, noting that Bronfman would sign visa applications promising that illegal Mexican immigrants would make a certain amount of money. The cult would then stiff the immigrants out of some of the money.

“They did this 50 times,” Parlato said, based on his research.

“Clare Bronfman was on top of all the women they illegally brought. They could easily charge her with these crimes, and she could easily pay 20 to 30 million to get out of it. A lot of witnesses at the trial talked about the visa fraud. The Clinton bundling was mentioned in the trial,” Parlato said.

The cult’s Satanism and political activity were referenced in Raniere’s trial at Brooklyn federal court.

“Do you think the person who’s being branded should be held to the table, almost like a sacrifice? That’s a feeling of submission…It probably should be a more vulnerable position. Laying on the back, legs spread straight, held to the table. Hands above the head, probably held, almost like sacrificial,” Raniere stated on an audiotape, created by ex-cult member Allison Mack in 2017, which was played at the trial.

“Clare Bronfman approached other people and said she would like to make a campaign contribution but she couldn’t make it above a certain amount…I wrote a check. She paid me back,” ex-NXIVM member Mark Vicente testified, referring to a presidential campaign in 2008.

According to Parlato and an ex-member of the cult, that campaign was Hillary Clinton’s.


Albany native Heidi Hutchinson believes that Keith Raniere was involved in her sister Gina Hutchinson’s death by gunshot wound to the head.

“She died at the KTD Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock New York. It was ruled a suicide. There is evidence Keith had everything to do with it,” Hutchinson told National File.

“She was 14 years when he raped her. She was a neighborhood kid who got involved with The RPI Players (theater troupe) and Keith was over there on the pedophile prowl. My sister and another little girl were both raped by Keith, and my sister stayed on in the early days. She quit high school at Keith’s insistence,” Hutchinson told National File.

“We were Mormon and after my sister had sex with Keith, our family considered them betrothed or engaged. Keith went along with that,” Hutchinson said. “He began to learn about the Mormon religion and he twisted everything.”

“The whole concept of the fall of man and Lucifer based on Milton’s Paradise Lost” is what appealed to Raniere spiritually, Hutchinson said.

“I think he thought of himself as Satan. Lucifer in the Mormon view is the brightest angel of Heaven who fell from the grace of God, so this is all Mormon doctrine that Keith adopted and then used as a tool to manipulate Mormon girls.”

“He brought LeBaron girls from Mexico. They were Mormon,” Hutchinson said, referring to the LeBaron family living in a Mormon territory in Mexico. Raniere used some of the LeBaron girls as servants. Nine women and children from the LeBaron sect were killed in a likely cartel ambush this month in Mexico.

“The Mormon girls were all virgins. He preyed on the Mormon virgins because it was the most destructive thing he could do and they were easy prey in that they believe in following a male figure, a Christ-like figure.”

“He used the whole Luciferian concept. Basically I think he came to think of himself as Lucifer,” Hutchinson said.

The Dalai Lama appeared in Albany in 2009 for a $1 million payment from NXIVM.

“The whole game with Keith was whoever could venerate him best won the prize. The cult was about venerating Keith. He put girls in competition with each other. This was the way he wanted Gina to venerate him and sacrifice herself to him. She died for it. She was at the Buddhist monastery. He put her up to taking videos, to spy on the Buddhists at the KTB monastery in Woodstock, New York, an hour south of Albany,” Hutchinson said.

“I perceived that he was very attracted to much younger girls, and he was a pedophile,” Hutchinson said, noting that Raniere wanted to use Hutchinson’s movie producer ex-husband as a connection to make a movie about himself.

“Keith perceived himself as a superior being and he wanted virgin sacrifices to venerate himself,” Raniere said.

“Keith would hold court, he would act like a Jesus figure with the teeny-bopper acolytes sitting at his feet. Gina was his most devoted.”


Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/11/ex-nexium-members-describe-cli.html

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